My war with procrastination and perfectionism. Chapter 1

I feel like it is pretty common nowadays to see people who are just burning their time away, mention something about not being productive, procrastinating etc in Twitch chat and you will farm sames, Sadges and truers.

My fight with that started long ago, probably as soon as I finished my education, actual education not counting my in absentia university adventure, so since I was done with college in 2009. So one can say I’m a war veteran at this point and seen what havoc it can wreak in your life, not to mention that my war is not even over yet, but I feel like it’s finally getting somewhere after all those years. This is going to be a philosophical post with my experiences, which aren’t universal of course and not everything works the same for others, but at least I hope my perspective and experience will be at least interesting or maybe help you to start thinking about it faster without waiting for life to slap you in the face, especially since some of those slap marks are irreversible or really hard to get rid of. Obviously I’m not a psychologists or any kind of professional in the topic, so I can’t help you myself, but at least I hope it can make you think. Kinda spontaneous and not super well planned post, so it’s not a full and complete story/thought, it’s still in progress and I will post more, feel free to discuss stuff like this on stream anytime too. Let’s go… Continue reading “My war with procrastination and perfectionism. Chapter 1”