My current Fallout 76 grind and its future

Fallout 76 totally requires a “review” from me here too, but I think one post won’t be enough even with my walls of texts if I will go on a rant about some decisions or if I will start talking about some potentially good things to change or implement in the game.

For now I’ll just address my feelings about current state of the game and me farming it a lot on stream and where is it going (still a lot of text and you can skip a chunk of it for sorta tl;dr). Continue reading “My current Fallout 76 grind and its future”

My take on Charity Streams twitter fiesta from week ago

Late with this, since was on vacation and previous post was more important imo, but gonna finish the post that I started before. Not gonna touch the drama part of all that Twitter fiesta, it just escalated far beyond any expectations and one clip out of context and with not very well worded thought started some pop corn worthy fight on Twitter, you can check LSF and all that for drama itself, it already concluded with a lot of apologies btw, which is good, I just gonna post my thoughts on initial statement and all things that it sparked that are not just for the sake of arguing.

Little intro though for those who don’t know – xQc said that most of the streamers are getting paid for their charity streams or participating in one. Obviously it sparked some “how could they” reeing and obviously caused questions so DrLupo posted a statement where he said that he did all his charity streams for free and then fiesta started, that I’m not gonna touch. But let’s talk about the initial statement and discussion about charity streams… Continue reading “My take on Charity Streams twitter fiesta from week ago”

Mental Health. Reckful. Lessons we need to learn

Yesterday we lost a legend – both streaming and gaming. Sad that I didn’t get a chance to meet him IRL, it could happen in Amsterdam this year, because he was going, but then corona ruined that.

This year in general keeps getting worse, but unfortunately behind all the shitty things this year there are mostly our mistakes and failures as humanity, one way or another. We can blame 2020 for all that happened and is still happening and hell there might be more coming too, but we need to realize that behind all that shit there are real problems that we need to address and work on fixing that, otherwise in 6 months we will be blaming 2021 already. Today we will talk about problems that caused yesterday’s tragedy and this will be a long one… Continue reading “Mental Health. Reckful. Lessons we need to learn”

My imqhotbqh on Bloodborne Card Game

Back home from my summer house adventure with friends and one of our main evening activities after some good bbq and while drinking some beer was playing tabletops, or rather playing Bloodborne Card Game mostly, since everyone was curious and it actually turned out really good.

Gonna post some pics this time to help explain some details and show it, should post more pics in general, but in some posts it just feels kinda weird and forced just to put some random pic in. So here we go with “YOU DIED” in tabletop form… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Bloodborne Card Game”

My imqhotbqh on Steam Summer Festival

Last streams were amazing, playing all the demos and checking out lots of upcoming games, I’m a bit sad I was away during weekend, but I would have some other plans with RPG Sunday and Our Games Show anyway, so probably wouldn’t play many demos anyway.

Bunch of demos are still available and we played them even after festival was technically over and now there will be a bunch that I will play later when I’m back on my Demo Friday for sure. I was a bit skeptical about the concept of this festival, but now I changed my mind… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Steam Summer Festival”

Vacation time FeelsGoodMan Clap and my thoughts about it

As you all probably already know I’m on vacation starting today 25.06 and all the way until 05.07, going back to streaming on Monday 06.07.

First vacation in my more than 2 years of streaming and first since 2016, so it will be nice to get some free time, even though vacation is quite hobo – just going to the summer house with friends for like 5 days and then sitting home for the rest of it doing some stream related stuff and chores, but time with friends is precious, especially that much time in one go with whole bunch of them. Will miss all of you and streaming in general, feels weird to take that much time off and I think it feels weird for all streamers, but it’s necessary and here’s my thoughts about vacations for streamers… Continue reading “Vacation time FeelsGoodMan Clap and my thoughts about it”

My imqhotbqh on Poly Bridge 2

Last week I embraced the 5Headness and tried Poly Bridge for the first time, second game came out recently and devs were nice to hook me up with a key. What made me actually get interested in the game was Twitch integration, which got me curious when I first saw it on Steam, but then I saw it on Lirik’s stream and how exactly it works and was sold instantly, I think that is something many games should adapt in similar fashion.

So review is more from streamer’s perspective, since all the integration fun will be missing if you are just playing solo, even though you can also just go to the stream of the game and pretty much play through the streamer for free if they have integration on, but I think it should still be a very good solo game for the price. Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Poly Bridge 2”

My imqhotbqh on Wasteland 2

It finally happened! Many years after kickstarting it with signed collector’s tier and trying once around early backer beta, Wasteland 2 is now officially finished and we are ready for 3rd game, that we will get in August and I will sure stream it.

Was it good, did it change much since backer beta? Let’s see… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Wasteland 2”

My imqhotbqh on Crucible

First Amazon Games project was out last week and I decided to check it out, since it’s free and even though multiplayer shooters is not something I play a lot, lately I’m grinding Fallout 76 BRs a lot, so I’m currently in the mood for some good multiplayer shooting.

Reviews are currently quite bad for the game like this on Steam and majority of complaints are quite valid, but is it that bad… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Crucible”