Report after almost a week of Ragnarok Online

Writing this with my merchant window trading some of expensive cards that I got, which already says a lot about state of things. Week was full of grind and almost all the time I’m awake Ragnarok was on in one way or another, mostly with me playing.

So how does it feel playing it now and how it goes for me from streaming perspective, let’s see… Continue reading “Report after almost a week of Ragnarok Online”

My current MMO centered nostalgic plans

As I mentioned before, current Ragnarok Online revisit was kinda MMO nostalgia that woke up inside me after some Fallout 76 grind

I already kinda went pretty ham on details with Ragnarok Online (you can read this for my nostalgic history with the game and this to get an idea what the game is about without my nostalgia involved), but let’s talk about plans now regarding RO and something else that fits my MMO centered plans. Continue reading “My current MMO centered nostalgic plans”

What is Ragnarok Online?

Now that I posted a whole chapter of memoirs in my previous post about Ragnarok Online where you can find my motivation and reasoning behind even starting with this endeavor.

Now let’s get to details – what’s Ragnarok Online for those who don’t know or for those who want to see what it is for me, but with way less nostalgia glasses compared to previous post. Let’s go… Continue reading “What is Ragnarok Online?”

Why Ragnarok Online now?

It’s almost time to do my regular Ragnarok Online dive, this time live for the first time, servers open tomorrow 6pm CEST, but due to my day off and potential delays I’ll hop on Friday stream. Last nostalgia trip was in summer 2017 for Ragnarok Restart (think WoW Classic, but a bit different and speedily catching up with retail in content and updates) on iRO, pretty much disappeared there for a few weeks and those were some good times. Then some metagaming kicked in, bots, laggy servers and I left, server pretty much died in around 9 months and got merged with retail server less than 2 years after.

So why this game, what’s so special about it for me to return again and again and why now? All these questions I’ll try to cover in current post, but there will be a second post tomorrow to cover more potential questions about the game. Continue reading “Why Ragnarok Online now?”

My personal perspective on streamer orgs, collabs etc

Last Sunday group of big streamers, mostly from World of Warcraft scene, announced the creation of their organization called One True King, OTK. I’m really far from WoW tbh, but watch Asmongold a lot recently, so I caught the announcement and it was great, org itself seems really interesting and with a lot of potential, many ideas and some things already in motion, I hope they will succeed with all their plans and even if with part, that will already be some quality content and positive influence for the scene.

But for me it also had some “side effects”, it got me really inspired in a way and made me think about stuff like this – organizations, collaborations between streamers, streamer houses and all that jazz. So there will be a lot of thinkening in this post… Continue reading “My personal perspective on streamer orgs, collabs etc”

Current state of my channel and life after adjustments to schedules

Now that it’s been a bit more than a month since I tamed my streaming hours, returned my day off and introduced some “speshul” days in my schedule, it’s time to review some first results. Just sorta little IRL update. Continue reading “Current state of my channel and life after adjustments to schedules”

My imqhotbqh on Genshin Impact

AYAYA fellow weebs, it’s time for my take on your waifu collecting simulator. Yeah, yours, no waifus here, I’m in purely for gameplay and insane plot of course as a proper refined gentleman.

Instant disclaimer: I don’t like gacha monetization mechanics, game is good and doesn’t force these mechanics on you too much, but since it’s still there please be careful and responsible with spending your money, because game sure knows how to bait it out of you. Now let’s get to my thoughts about the game itself… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Genshin Impact”

My imqhotbqh on Crusader Kings 3

If you guys managed to catch some of my recent streams, you probably know that I’m actually embracing the 5Head-ness and trying some of that Paradox Grand thinkening, I think it was already overdue and I knew that I’ll enjoy that. And I sure do.

Game even got me into state of mind that made me start 5Head Wednesday now for strategy, tycoon, management and other games that require a bit more brain activity than usual (card games will go there too probably) and first 5Head Wednesday already was a blast. But for now more about CK3… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Crusader Kings 3”

My take on recent mid-roll ads idea on Twitch

Well I’ll start with ez tl;dr – “It is a really bad idea to add mid-roll ads on Twitch”, that’s it, you read it, nothing to see here – move along.

But seriously it’s a part of a long “paradigm shift” that Twitch is doing to increase their ad revenue through us, streamers working on increasing our ad revenue, current clown fiesta is second move in that process, first I didn’t dedicate a blog post too, because it actually seemed quite good and didn’t stir any drama, but let’s discuss it more. Continue reading “My take on recent mid-roll ads idea on Twitch”

Back to regular blogging, more on scheduling and plans

More than a month of non-stop streaming, almost 280 hours of streaming in a month, so more than 9 hours on average with no day offs and honestly, it’s not even something insane, but the problem is finding time to do something else. Not even like IRL things like hanging out with friends etc (even though I even managed to fit some of that in my schedule too), but also things related to streaming, like setting some things up, writing on this blog and so on. It’s not like I really need to write on my blog as a part of my streamer’s “career”, or I can’t live without a YT channel, or something else – nah, it’s no problems, but it’s something you need to do just for the sense of accomplishment. Same as with workout that sometimes was suffering a bit because of lack of free time.

Now I’m back to at least having a day off, so it already feels good to have a day when I can try to catch up with some stuff, what I’m doing right now for example. Hearing from people on my birthday that they like reading my stuff here just motivated me more and made me feel more wrong for lacking free time, which puts more emphasis on proper scheduling too, which I’m going to attempt and experiment with and I can share some current ideas and plans. Continue reading “Back to regular blogging, more on scheduling and plans”