Vacation post for summer 2021

Last year I wrote a pretty big post for my vacation (you can read it here) where I went quite philosophical and explained a lot of things about streamers and vacations, everything I said there is still relevant, so not gonna go too deep in that this time.

Another year of no conventions and another opportunity to hang out with friends having their vacations etc, so time for me to get some rest this year. Will be out from tomorrow (14.08) until 30.08 Monday, basically barely gonna be in the city and at the PC this time, want to disconnect myself more from distractions and change environment as much as possible. Gonna post photos on Insta though and maybe film some YT material for the future, but we’ll see about that. That’s the tl;dr version basically and I’ll see you when I’m back, gonna be a lot of things happening in autumn, but a bit more vacation details in full post…

Still streaming today for a few hours and I already mentioned all the plans multiple times, but still for those who are interested gonna share my vacation plans for this year. Today I’m out early, because I’m going to a “resort” near Moscow where my parents rented a few rooms for this weekend to celebrate whole bunch of birthdays in our family, so I’ll be there whole weekend swimming, eating and drinking beer (all inclusive, hell yeah). Then gonna be a bit of downtime returning home and next day waiting for delivery of the smoker I ordered for my summer house and after that we are going there with my friends for a week or so. Will stay there after and my dad should arrive there with my grandma and sister so I’ll hang out there with them and go to my friend’s summer house after with other friends. Then last weekend I might hop from friend’s summer house to my mom’s summer house on the way back, but we’ll see if that will work. Full summer house fiesta as you can see and barely sitting at home for over 2 weeks, which should be really good, I just hope weather won’t be complete garbage, because it’s going more towards autumn mode now, heat and sun from few weeks ago are kinda gone.

I’ll need to make a video or something explaining the summer house “phenomenon” we have going in Russia since a lot of people are confused what it is and some think it’s some sort of luxury thing we have going on here, gonna be interesting content explaining and showing what it is all about.

Only downside right now is lack of time at home to do some cleaning and other adult things, because right after vacation it will be week with my birthday on Friday, 3rd of September, which is fine I’ll just stream on that day, but next day on Saturday I plan to gather friends to celebrate a little, since I haven’t celebrated my birthday in a long time and want to catch people who won’t be able to join our summer house activities. Will need to manage time to deal with everything, but not the first time, whatever, totally worth good vacation.

As always, I appreciate everyone who’s watching and it’s always sad to not stream, but it’s nice to maintain healthy “work/life balance” and sure makes me feel better and work better after too. Really miss events and conventions still, vacations can’t really fill that void, but nothing to do about it, maybe next year (Copium). Will return with new energy and have many plans for stream stuff to invest that energy in, upgrades to my kitchen setup and other things that I hope you will enjoy. Hope you won’t miss me too much and will find better things to do while waiting for my return, see you all there 30th of August and until then check my socials (mainly Insta and a lot of stuff is in the Stories, so you need to be logged in and following to see that unlike regular posts, but I’ll try to do more posts too) for a bit of content. Love you all, buh bye!

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