Post vacation report. Summer 2021

Yo, very delayed, but didn’t have any day offs since I returned and getting back in my work mode with some clown fiestas on the background is a bit chaotic still.

Great vacation, very “variety” vacation this year, satisfied with everything except for weather, next years if I plan summer house action it would be better to do it few weeks earlier to catch warmer days for more activities outside. Already did my “recap” stream, but gonna go a bit into detail in this post too, little diary in a way…

Start of vacation was amazing with lot of our family members and friends going to park hotel near Moscow for 1 weekend and boi it was great. Something I’ve only seen on resorts in other countries, but right here nearby, with great service and huge variety of things to do, also all inclusive with unlimited food and beer, so you know I was going ham.¬†Swimming pools and saunas were insane – I’d live in that park hotel tbh just for that. Put some photos on insta in the post below, but you also can go to my profile and check Story photos highlights, there’s more and with more “commentary”, a lot of swimming pool/sauna complex photos too.


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After that I returned home for one night and then we went to my summer house with friends – that was main part of my vacation, basically staying there for almost 2 weeks with friends, relatives or alone. Every time friends were there it was basically insane BBQ fiesta – meat every day in crazy amounts, also beer every day in big amounts too, by the end of vacation we already switched to chicken BBQ from pork and stopped with craft beer, switching to some more usual types and styles. Dad’s visit also included beer, BBQ and smoking some meat, so only times I wasn’t drinking beer and eating meat were times when everyone was leaving and I was sitting there alone and reading Strugatsky books. Read a lot of books actually, gonna post some short reviews soon, still reading more and planning to keep my little reading sessions from now on. Last part of vacation was one day at my mom’s summer house, that also of course involved BBQ and beer, but this time there was sauna too. Have some photos in the post below, but again you can check my highlighted stories for more stuff, way more and yo, I’m a boomer myself, but Insta is pretty cool to post photos casually and I plan to do it more and more, not only on vacations, so follow and check stories once in a while for good stuff.


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So as I said vacation was actually great – nice little detox from PC and Twitch, just a bit of social media and checking news to stay in touch with the world. A lot of reading and getting it back in my regular schedule, getting some good sleep there in silence and fresh air (actually way better there than in Moscow, trust me). BBQ and beer in copious amounts were fun, but ended up being not very good from health perspective (surprise!) what also attributed to chaos of last week IRL, will post about it separately though. Vacation was so dank that we decided to skip my birthday celebration and go to my friend’s house some time later in September, which ended up being a great idea and probably will happen 21-22 September, will announce closer to date when it’s known for sure, but most likely will be my day offs and 20th will be shorter stream.

I think vacations are really necessary for streamers, as long as you can actually make it something nice, because just sitting home and just not working probably wouldn’t really make a lot of difference for me, since you are still in the same environment. If you would make an analogy, then majority of streamers are like office workers who spend in the office way more time than they are paid for, also coming to the office on their day offs and during vacations too and that just makes it worse, because you really need that full disconnect sometimes to rest properly and it’s something I still need to work more myself, but this vacation was great in this sense.

That is all with summer report, will there be another vacation this year? I really doubt it, closest thing to it might be visiting Cb with bois for his birthday in December, but that is a huge question mark for me still, because of corona and mostly because of international shenanigans that make it complicated for me to visit Europe even being vaccinated and all.

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