Little update on current situation, plans, brewery etc

Only one month since my stream anniversary, all the fundraising and good stuff, feels like it was way longer. That’s a good sign though – means a lot of stuff happening lately and I like it a lot compared to when nothing happens and time just disappears nowhere.

What is currently happening and what’s planned for upcoming month and maybe even longer in full post… Continue reading “Little update on current situation, plans, brewery etc”

Pepega Brewery funded! Appreciation and plans post

Anniversary stream was amazing, thank you everyone for tuning in, best speshul stream so far, even though New Years one would be pretty close to it. I guess kitchen streams with beer work really good in the end for both me and my viewers. All 3 years I had amazing support of my growing community and I’m happy with where it got me, thank you so much!

And now, thanks to everyone’s investments during the stream we raised planned amount to make kitchen + beer formula on whole other level, because now I will be able to not just drink beer there, but also brew beer. Let’s get to planning finances and content… Continue reading “Pepega Brewery funded! Appreciation and plans post”

Gaming Tuesday 2020 Charity Stream results and thoughts

I just realized that post I was writing before the stream remained in drafts, because I completely forgot to finish and post it due to being stressed out and nervous about my charity stream, so previous week even with 2 day offs got no posts. That’s not very xqcL and I’ll bring that topic up today probably too or maybe will dedicate a separate post.

But for now important thing is that we raised 1111,1$ for charity and that’s amazing, thank you so much everyone who was with me and especially who was donating! This crazy year sure makes me very impressed by people’s generosity more than usual. But still, let’s look at the numbers and some things I need to take in account planning for next charity stream and any “special” out of ordinary kind of stream really, some of that knowledge might be useful for others too… Continue reading “Gaming Tuesday 2020 Charity Stream results and thoughts”

Week of full degen life (and second week of RO too)

Writing this post before I go to bed at 4pm CET or 6pm my time so I can wake up around midnight and start the stream, first stream of tomorrow, because then after a break there will be another one too, regular morning stream. Kinda borderline between degenerate and super boomer schedule I’d say.

What’s up with this schedule and how’s Ragnarok Online going? Let’s find out… Continue reading “Week of full degen life (and second week of RO too)”

Report after almost a week of Ragnarok Online

Writing this with my merchant window trading some of expensive cards that I got, which already says a lot about state of things. Week was full of grind and almost all the time I’m awake Ragnarok was on in one way or another, mostly with me playing.

So how does it feel playing it now and how it goes for me from streaming perspective, let’s see… Continue reading “Report after almost a week of Ragnarok Online”

Results of Omega October with survivalist diet

November is already here for a few days, but i’m still enjoying all the normal food and trash food way too much after October.

Was quite a busy and productive month, survivalist diet was also actually quite nice, but totally not for everyone. Now let’s get to details. Continue reading “Results of Omega October with survivalist diet”

Omega August report. Summary of August results

It’s time for some transparency, actually coincidentally with my last transparent month report i posted here year ago, pretty much same time.

Still can’t force myself to do some consistent blogging due to lack of time, but i really want to and will do my best, but what’s important is that with streaming i’m consistent af so let’s check some stats. Continue reading “Omega August report. Summary of August results”