Pepega Brewery funded! Appreciation and plans post

Anniversary stream was amazing, thank you everyone for tuning in, best speshul stream so far, even though New Years one would be pretty close to it. I guess kitchen streams with beer work really good in the end for both me and my viewers. All 3 years I had amazing support of my growing community and I’m happy with where it got me, thank you so much!

And now, thanks to everyone’s investments during the stream we raised planned amount to make kitchen + beer formula on whole other level, because now I will be able to not just drink beer there, but also brew beer. Let’s get to planning finances and content…

Total amount raised in donos was 600$ which was the goal that I set for Pepega Brewery and you guys smashed it, thank you! Now what will happen with this money?

  1. Lidl tube “brewery”. Basically there is a company that sells those “just add water” setups in tubes – you just get a bag with concentrated wort inside, add yeast from package in, water and leave it all to ferment for a few weeks and your beer is done. Pretty pepega stuff if you ask me, but it’s Pepega Brewery, so seems like it’s our format so I’ll get it and try it on stream for educational purposes at least.
  2. More “grown up” brewing, but using concentrated wort. Will require fermenting container that will be needed for full scale brewing anyway, so that’s kinda first step towards proper process. Gonna probably buy full set with container and some concentrate, technically you also just add water and yeast to it inside the container and just wait, but this time it’s a bit more complicated, but also leaving a bit more variety to what and how you can make. Still more of an educational step/stream until proper brewing, but should be interesting nonetheless and it is quite an accessible method of brewing beer at home without too much hassle that might be interesting for people (first method is even easier, but also less economically viable and limits you with types of beer you can make).
  3. Full blown beer brewing action. Buying big electronic beer brewing machine, potentially with an option to add special bucket to make cheese, which also might be interesting on stream at some point. That’s basically why donation goal was quite big – devices like this are not very cheap and 350+$ will go on that alone (could get some cheaper options if I lived in civilized place with Amazon and shit, but alas shipping + import tax kills all the positive difference even if someone send it to me) without fermenting container, malt, hops, yeast and other necessary tools and ingredients. This is main goal and will be main content of brewing streams as soon as I get the device and get past first two steps.

Now current issue is that I’m planning to get vaccinated soon and you are not recommended to drink before for some time, then 3 weeks between 2 vaccine shots and 3 weeks after second shot, so making beer and then not being able to taste it will be quite weird. Most likely I’ll try to plan first experience around the date of second vaccine shot, so after “cooldown” is over I can celebrate with some fresh beer, so I’d say ETA will be around middle of April, since I will wait with no alcohol until first shot too, so around 2 weeks wait, then shot number one, 3 weeks and second shot. Covid delaying things once again, smh, but I rather get vaccinated sooner and get it out of the way already. While waiting I will be monitoring potential sales and good options to buy too.

On top of being generous with donos you also dropped some sub gifts and bits which is also super appreciated and I think it’s time to update my electric grill, since it feels like non-stick coating on it is now not feeling too good, already was eyeing one and might go for it. Of course that will be kitchen stream content, maybe will show old one in action and then we unpack and try new one with some nice steak. Have some plans overall for cooking streams, getting them into my “serious vibe” some more with educational shift for both me and viewers, since I saw some people last stream asking about some nuances and saying that they don’t know how to cook, might as well show something, since if even I can do it – everyone can.

Also will dedicate some funds for kitchen streaming setup improvements, main goal right now to get another cam for zoomed in feed while cooking and side quest is to replace my phone with second cam like this, so I don’t need to use phone for that. Another extra quest is to make my kitchen mic more consistent, even though it works fine, but usually takes a bit of pepega action to make it work in the beginning, at least eventually I plan to improve that, might get two channel standalone station so I can have someone as a guest with similar mic too + they have better power, cables and antennas.

Loads of plans and ideas now out of one great anniversary stream. With cams/mics becoming less of a problem it might open some more space for future ideas too. I will do fundraisers like this from time to time, mostly on some special streams, so it won’t be frequent – don’t want to sellout too much (even though I sure need to step up my game with that a little, but not too far) and don’t want to abuse your support and generosity. As you could probably hear sometimes from me, Twitch millions are unfortunately not real and income is not super impressive, while being completely enough for my life it’s quite hard to find extra for conventions, tech stuff, setup improvements etc (god I hope nothing in my PC breaks or becomes too outdated any time soon with current prices), so doing some fundraising for clear goals and with absolute CD levels of transparency seems like a good solution. Full money report coming too, I used to do those back in a day and now that it was a fundraiser in a way it feels especially right to make it all transparent.

Thank you once again for all the support during my 3 year journey and during my special stream! You don’t need to participate financially in anything to support me too, just being around already supports me and every single lurker is always appreciated.

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