MMO addict trying to resist and actually post on blog. Plans update/report

Damn, it’s been a while since I wrote on blog, 1.5 months. Clearly power of Ragnarok Online was underestimated (imagine if they had longer break since Russian server or started with this one, oof) and only now I’m starting to somewhat get back to more productivity, just to get pushed back by upcoming new MMOs.

But while this moment of concentrated willpower lasts I’ll update on what happened (especially stuff from my Summer Fest Post) and what’s gonna happen now. Talking about it on stream quite regularly, but still worth having it on paper for everyone to check any moment…

Let’s see what I planned for summer and what actually happened:

  • MRE and fast food reviews – didn’t happen yet, but it will, there might be some action with my cameras setup very soon for kitchen streams, so I might have better zoom camera for this kind of activity. Actually was considering fast food review streams during my moments of degeneracy, but was always forgetting honestly, will get to it now hopefully with better production value.
  • Summer house BBQ – so far this summer I was at my or any other summer house only with others and as I explained before I kinda don’t want to stream with my friends/relatives, because 90% of them don’t speak English and it would be weird. I hope I’ll manage to get some summer house alone time, because I really was looking forward to just do a bit of detox/reset and to have some meditative time there alone, then maybe I’d also do a stream or two from there real quick. But during my vacation I most likely will be there with friends again, so we’ll see, maybe I’ll go there for some day offs in September and stream some shashlik.
  • Morning kitchen streams going strong and they are very enjoyable by everyone involved, so I’m happy with how that went.
  • Dedicated cooking streams not in yet though, Ragnarok grind siphons all the time, even though I do cook, it’s usually very simple and fast with me running back to PC. Will get back to it for sure after vacation, have some things planned.
  • Pepega Brewery delivered 2 kvass sessions on stream, but beer is delayed until colder times, so fermentation goes in proper temperatures – too hot this summer.
  • Bean sprouts machine is already obtained, just as beans, waiting for my addiction to calm down a little, after vacation 100%.
  • Youtube is actually being conquered, slowly, but it started already, which is great and honestly I’m already impressed with positive feedback and impact that even small first scuffed video on the channel had. Got couple of people as part of my Twitch community now, subbed too, got a lot of nice words and even saw someone in game recognizing me and saying that they watched my vid (lidl leveling guide for our current RO server). And I have to say this is motivating, hope it will continue, because it sure makes me want to do more.

Not too bad tbh, thought my degeneracy ruined way more planned things. Other unfortunate thing that affected motivation was my shoulder acting up which caused me to stop regular morning swimming that I continued even during my addiction, so that didn’t help with being productive too. Now vacation coming soon, so I don’t want to get bus pass and return to swimming for a week to drop it again, but boi I’ll force myself hard to do it when I’m back. Picked up cycling though once in a while which is good, but should be more often tbh. Had some summer house action with friends and relatives, I’d say as a whole was pretty good summer so far and degeneracy didn’t ruin it.

But now it’s time for last weeks of summer and that bit I want to make the best and enjoy all of it, even though weather is getting kinda shit compared to previous month (when it was too much tbh, but outside of city would be still great). Will be taking second half of August off starting with 13-14th (not sure 100% yet which day), celebrating my grandma’s and mom’s husband’s birthdays together and might as well just start the vacation with that, returning 30th of August and then taking 4th and maybe 5th off to celebrate my birthday with friends (potentially, but one thing for sure I’ll celebrate it on stream on exact birthday 3rd of september). Will write vacation post next week with more details and info.

As for streaming plans it’s gonna be still a lot more Ragnarok Online, but with some bits of variety for next few streams. After vacation plan was to return and jump in New World release, but that got delayed for almost a month, so that makes Autumn MMO schedule way too damn tight. New World is end of September, new Final Fantasy 14 expansion is end of November and over all that there’s still looming Lost Ark that has no release date still, but supposed to arrive Fall this year too, so 3 games supposedly in 3-5 months window and Ragnarok¬† is not completely gone from the menu and December might get big update that is worth checking. So to properly use the time, I plan to start FF14 in September, to prepare myself for the expansion, because I never played it and it clearly will take some time to get up to date with current content enough to be viable in new expansion. That means FF14 and some Ragnarok Online all the way from vacation end and until New World release, hopefully with extra polish it will be great. MMO marathon continues and currently I’m not sure when it will be over actually, tbh I don’t mind going ham though, just need to keep some routines in check still and do stuff that I planned to do with cooking streams etc. New MMOs shouldn’t get me as addicted as Ragnarok, but I guess we’ll see.

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