Summer Nerdy Fest. Plans for next few months

It’s this time of the year, rare time when it’s actually warm, sunny and nice (sometimes) here in Russia. Time for BBQ with friends, summer houses, spending time outside, eating some fresh fruit instead of wooden imported overpriced replicas.

All that implies more days off for me as you already probably guessed and I’d say even more – whole vacation, just like last year. So in this trade offer I receive better rest, mood and mental, while you will receive some nice content from rested and motivated me. But more about it in details…

We are starting summer big with a whole bunch of announcement events, one of which is starting literally in a couple of hours from now, when I’m writing this post. That’s gonna be a lot of new games and updates for those we already know and it will be a lot of fun to watch all that together, back to E3 meta like good old times, I’m always down. Schedule for this you can always see here

Right after announcements we are jumping in Steam Festival with game demos and stuff, so that’s gonna be hopefully a few new demos worth playing and we gonna do that next week, I just hope there will be some nice demos and not only old stuff.

In terms of games plan currently is to finish Necromunda and keep playing some Runeterra. After that I probably gonna catch up on some games I wanted to play like Tainted Grail, also a few other similar deck-building games. End of June we should get European server of Ragnarok Online and I’m planning to go ham there for some time at least, hopefully we’ll get our gang going and it will be as fun as it was last autumn. End of July should bring New World beta, which is another MMO I’m interested in and I most likely will give it a go too. As you can guess MMOs probably will eat a lot of time, so we’ll see what else I’ll manage to squeeze in my schedule on top of them, even though until end of August there’s almost nothing interesting new for me and that means most of summer will be under MMO flag. Maybe, if I’ll be into MMO mood I’ll start my MMO marathon right after this back to back MMOing, but we’ll see about that, that’s a HUGE commitment of time and energy.

Now to extra stuff that will be happening this summer (dates currently TBA unless I mention it):

  • MRE review stream. Now that I have proper kitchen setup I’ll be able to show you that MRE goodness with better detail and zoom.
  • Fast food review stream. Again, can utilize my kitchen setup and get some fast food/street food stuff to show and to eat of course. Will be probably spread out in time, just randomly sometimes, not some kind of regular stream, because I’m limiting fast food intake.
  • Summer house BBQ. I’m planning to spend some time at my summer house this summer too and I’ll try to do stream some classic Russian way of bbq with my phone. Planning to get a smoker this year maybe and that also would go on stream then.
  • Starting morning kitchen streams to warm up. Thinking about doing my morning stalling like I did in Just Chatting back in a day, but in my kitchen while making coffee and all that. Not sure yet, because that will eat quite a chunk of time from gaming, which is already not having that much time with all the plans, but we’ll see, maybe at least some days.
  • More dedicated cooking streams. Some streams from my kitchen are mostly chill talking and making coffee, which is good and I like it, but I plan to maybe have some dedicated day/time when I’ll be cooking and not only chilling, maybe some pre-planned announced recipes so people know when to expect what.
  • Pepega Brewery. Obviously more beer and also brewing some kvas. For kvas I need to get some nice jar or something to ferment it, since my beer bucket is too big, looking into it right now, found some, but need to check local stores if they have that one. Beer probably in July already, kvas I’ll try to do sooner.
  • Bean sprouts machine. Already ordered with your help, so gonna see how it works and get us supply of fresh bean sprouts. Should be soon, just waiting for shipping, then ordering some mung beans and let’s go.
  • Youtube. I mean I need to start with that for a while, but I’m lazy and Twitch is my priority so I’m kinda stalling with it, but hopefully this summer I’ll get something going during my vacation to get something nice to upload and hopefully I’ll get into it.

I have more stuff in notes, but we’ll see how things will go, I’d say current plans are good enough + MMO galore will consume me and my time very hard potentially.

Now my personal plans so you know what will happen with my schedule:

  • Vacation. Probably around 2 weeks, maybe split in one week at a time different time in summer or just 2 in a row, we’ll see. Potential times for that – end of June before Ragnarok, but kinda hard to plan that, because there’s no exact date for Ragnarok and well it’s kinda soon too; middle of July if Ragnarok stage is dying out and I have time until New World; middle-end of August after New World initial hype(or maybe all the hype) is dead. I’m still not sure with what I’ll go for my vacation, might just go my and friend’s summer houses to chill, like last year, was good, but I might also travel a bit in some other city to change the environment and get a bit of traveling fix in. One thing for sure, will post on Insta a lot anyway.
  • Potentially 1 week in my summer house alone. This will be when I do all the bbq streams etc, just kinda replacing my PC streams with phone shorter streams for a week. This one is also kinda hard to place in schedule, probably will be close to my actual vacation.
  • More day offs. Still 2 per week maximum, but probably more weeks with 2 days off in summer. Gonna enjoy hanging out with friends and nice weather, but whenever there is an opportunity I’ll do some short kitchen stream or something like this, might even do some IRL stuff, you never know.

Here you go, now you have an idea, what to expect from this summer. Honestly I’d schedule everything better, but having no exact date for Ragnarok Online and being unsure how heavy I’ll go on grinding RO and New World, it’s hard to know when grind will start and when it will be over, so that complicates things a bit. Same with not knowing my friend’s plans well enough to plan ahead, so there’s quite a lot of “?”, but general idea is there on paper now. Hope it’s gonna be nice and me having a lot of rest, sun and activity will positively affect your streaming experiences too, corona didn’t really get me much mentally, but it just turns things in routine faster and there’s less battery recharge/change in environment that events provide, so it’s still nice to get at least a bit of it now.

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