Transparent month results and some updates

August is over and i couldn’t even find time to post anything, since i was getting ready for meme stream and birthday, now it’s time, even though my birthday technically still continues visiting relatives and then with drinking stream on Saturday, but all that in another wall of text. Continue reading “Transparent month results and some updates”

Time to start some epic plans

It’s finally getting colder and nights are already pretty cozy with fresh cold air, that means autumn is getting closer with everyone finishing their vacations, getting back to studies, work and regular calm and cozy days. That also means that i’m streaming for 6 months (not right now, but beginning of September) and i want to use that nice time of the year to go hard with more professional approach, with better planning and with finally switching to 8 hours full time streams at least 5 days of the week. Continue reading “Time to start some epic plans”

About alert system clown fiesta

Didn’t write a post yesterday, thought i should move my posting times to more reasonable time and not at night, then realized today that i barely have time in the morning, then stream for 12 hours and it’s night posting again today, so it was all pointless. I’m planning to try posting some time during Ela’s stream normally, so i multitask on 2 screens for optimal time usage, but since i’m in streaming marathon state and my schedule is all over the place, might as well just go full pepo with posting. Situation with alerts is an actual clown fiesta, but with sad clown aka Pierrot in action, otherwise would be funny.  Continue reading “About alert system clown fiesta”