Smol update on blogging plans

Thank you guys for nice comments on my previous post and mentioning it in chat, was happy reading that! This blog is always just a small side thing basically, that I will probably make into more useful “tool” and medium, but still far from my main “content distribution” way, so didn’t expect anything, but glad I got some feedback.

And I want to keep going with it, posting more stuff from time to time, so what to expect here?

  • First of all I need to sit down and write posts that I planned a while ago with convention expenses with travels and what budget it is better to allocate and what to expect with that budget so it can be adjusted for personal preferences.
  • Regular updates I’m trying to post on Discord, but maybe in more extended form for those who don’t want to read a wall of text in Discord, should probably try to do tl;dr there and post full here for those who want to more, should be a good idea.
  • Some transparent streamer things again, financial reports to keep myself accountable etc.
  • Maybe a bit of thoughts about things around streamer life, some might be useful potentially even.
  • Smol reviews of games for those who missed streams or missed parts that would help to see my opinion on the game, but also not that often I just go full review mode on stream, mostly when someone is asking about my opinion, so would be nice to sum it all up in text form while gathering your thoughts and taking time without being live.
  • Proper “About” page with some biographic info, maybe even in quite extended form for my graphomania, so people can read more in details about my past before streaming and during it, to get an idea who I am etc, even though I don’t mind answering that question on stream, but some people might be curious and just shy to ask, so probably will be nice to have at some point, not a priority.
  • Channel info page – this one is more for sellout side aka potential partners, business offers, cooperation with devs/publishers/other streamers etc. Started getting contacted by some devs and publishers about their games recently more, so giving more info about my channel might improve that experience for them and open more doors for me, which is really nice in many ways.

For now I think that’s it, eventually I plan to make some nice display of schedule, embed my social medias, stream itself and other useful things on the main page, but that’s not in top priority currently.

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