Second stream anniversary is getting close

Next week my stream will turn 2 years and it’s quite hard to believe. 4th of March 2018 I pressed “Start Streaming” button on this channel for the first time and you could hear some gachi music and then my shitty untuned mic and now 2 years after it’s still gachi music from time to time and mic is tuned, but still quite shit, providing some ASMR experiences every time I do something.

Now let’s get to more info and plans.

First of all what are we going to play? I wanted to do Bloodborne, but my capture card is not here yet, I “won” one thanks to your generosity during charity stream, because Elgato sends gifts to those who raised a lot of money and I picked capture card, because that will be pretty useful to have, but it didn’t arrive yet and doubt it will until 04.03. Instead I’m planning to do Stalker Clear Sky aka second game of the series, because first was already streamed before, time to continue, gonna do third one in 2021 and then we are ready for Stalker 2 (in 2022 maybe? kek). I also probably will start with some Slay the Spire for proper nostalgia since that was my first game and game I streamed the most still, also new character I didn’t really try on release version, so will give it a go.

I plan to do some minor changes in our third year, nothing major and some things I’m already trying to implement – trying to get more productive and responsible, already set up bunch of software for planning and reminders on phone and desktop to post more on blog, update better about schedule and plans on Discord, all the transparent thing and better communication. Overall goal is to start moving more towards professional approach, taking more opportunities, trying more things, being more active and slowly step up the game with setup and other attributes of the channel like art etc. Speaking of which Merch store is happening soon, first the legendary OwO shirt and then we have a bunch of other options including piece of art that Johnny is working on and that looks amazing already.

Over 2 years many things happened, I don’t really feel like time just flew by, because of a lot of things happening especially on my second year with all the conventions that leave some kind of mark in your memory and serve as timeline markers, making you see the distance better when you look back. But it’s still impressive and blows my mind when I think about the fact that some people tune in and stay with me every day or almost every day for 2 years already, that part is very important for me, because building a nice, welcoming, supportive and “interactive” community is my only goal pretty much and stays that way looking forward. Channel already got somewhere and I can sustain myself from my streaming income I just only want to get more good people on board so we can all have more fun on and off stream together.

2 thoughts on “Second stream anniversary is getting close”

  1. I might be mostly lurking but you are actually my most favourite Streamer on twitch for multiple reasons (dem memes are on point). Sadly i cant watch most of your streams due to work but i always try to catch up on Vods and stuff. Keep up the good work 😛

    (cant wait to get my hands on that owo shirt)

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