My imqhotbqh on The Technomancer

Finished a lot of RPGs quite close to each other, so reviews got a bit spread out in time due to my day offs (should write couple of posts yesterday and day before on my day offs too, but completely derped). Like with Gothic 2 this review will be somewhat connected with previous game review that I wrote earlier.

Let’s see what Spiders made this time… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on The Technomancer”

My imqhotbqh on Gothic 2

A little delayed, since I finished the game last week, but didn’t get a day off to sit down and write stuff properly. Should start doing some writing on my regular days too and be less lazy, but that’s the hard part, especially with current season and weather changes – feeling sleepy all the time and in a weird unmotivated mindset.

Main thing about this review is that pretty much everything from first game review is valid for this one too with some minor differences that are mostly in positive direction, but let’s get to details (version with Night of the Raven expansion btw)… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Gothic 2”

My imqhotbqh on Mars: War Logs

A little bit delayed, but better late than never. Spiders RPGs started for me with their latest one – Greedfall and it was actually pretty good (unfortunately didn’t write a review back then). Now I got to one of their earlier games and playing through dilogy of their Mars games, currently finishing The Technomancer and that review is probably coming next day off next week.

But for now it’s about Mars: War Logs, so let’s get to it… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Mars: War Logs”

My imqhotbqh on ELEX

Second review of Piranha Bytes game on this blog, now there is their first game and their last game here in reviews, so there’s some contrast pretty easy to find now here.

Ended up finishing it faster than Gothic 2, but still was pretty solid with close to 80 hours adventure that I enjoyed way more than Gothic games, but more in full post… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on ELEX”

My imqhotbqh on Cyberpunk 2077

Here we go, review that you’ve been waiting for. Biggest fiesta since Fallout 76 probably and I got the opportunity thanks to Antraxo’s gift to try it before big patches arrived. Or well I played one day with no big patches and then first update dropped, so I didn’t get a lot of raw release experience.

70 hours went in with a bunch of side quests and full playthrough of main quests, so now it’s time for my lidl verdict… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Cyberpunk 2077”

My imqhotbqh on demos I played last Friday

Did my Friday Demo segment last week because of Steam Festival bringing us a lot of demos to play, wasn’t too bad, but I think now with all the corona delays and games that aren’t even starting because of that there are many demos that I already tried before.

Still we got some new stuff to play and let’s review some of that… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on demos I played last Friday”

My imqhotbqh on Gothic

First Gothic game of course I mean. Currently in process of playing second one and in the same time ELEX, which is another RPG from same devs that has completely different setting from Gothic, but a lot of similar vibes.

Not a very fresh review, since I finished first game quite some time ago, just didn’t have time to write a blog post with Boomerathon and holidays, but better late than never… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Gothic”

My imqhotbqh on Wasteland 3

Completely missed previous week’s blog post, but now that I got an extra day off this week I’ll write one extra and accidentally it is about another thing that was affected by my degen life – Wasteland 3 playthrough that is now over and I can share my opinion.

I sure took my time and Ragnarok Online appearance didn’t help with removing RPG Mondays for a while, so it’s quite a delayed review, but better late than never, right? Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Wasteland 3”

My imqhotbqh on Genshin Impact

AYAYA fellow weebs, it’s time for my take on your waifu collecting simulator. Yeah, yours, no waifus here, I’m in purely for gameplay and insane plot of course as a proper refined gentleman.

Instant disclaimer: I don’t like gacha monetization mechanics, game is good and doesn’t force these mechanics on you too much, but since it’s still there please be careful and responsible with spending your money, because game sure knows how to bait it out of you. Now let’s get to my thoughts about the game itself… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Genshin Impact”

My imqhotbqh on Crusader Kings 3

If you guys managed to catch some of my recent streams, you probably know that I’m actually embracing the 5Head-ness and trying some of that Paradox Grand thinkening, I think it was already overdue and I knew that I’ll enjoy that. And I sure do.

Game even got me into state of mind that made me start 5Head Wednesday now for strategy, tycoon, management and other games that require a bit more brain activity than usual (card games will go there too probably) and first 5Head Wednesday already was a blast. But for now more about CK3… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Crusader Kings 3”