My imqhotbqh on INSOMNIA: The Ark

I was planning to leave a Steam review (actually first legit one not for achievements and challenges they throw at us during sales etc), but then realized it became pretty detailed wall of text, so i decided to make it into a blog post. I will still leave tl;dr version as a review later though, just to support the game, i really hope it will manage to stabilize in terms of reviews and get some positive exposure, that’s why i also decided it to post it without actually fully completing the game, while it’s still new and people didn’t just put a cross on it. Obviously some things require developers attention to fix too, otherwise probably fat no, but details in full version… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on INSOMNIA: The Ark”

My Outlast experience and horror thoughts

So my first horror game speshul stream and actually first horror game ever i think (i don’t count some experiences from early 90s, i think it was Alone in the Dark and it was english version so i didn’t understand anything, so it was pretty much 0 experience) is over and i decided to post some impressions while it’s still fresh. Continue reading “My Outlast experience and horror thoughts”