Dungeon Bookshelf vol.5: Monday Begins on Saturday

And another book in review collection, last from my vacation binge, queue is slowly clearing and I’m not reading past week or so, trying to rest my eyes some more while in the bus, not sure if they are tired or it’s just heating season making air to dry, since I think it was the same last year. Wouldn’t hurt to let them rest anyway though and for reviews I still have plenty of books too.

Today it’s time to get to the fairy tale by Strugatsky, this one is a bit of a weird one for non-soviet person, even younger generations of Russians probably will not understand a lot of humour and messages here, honestly I potentially missed some myself, since I might be a boomer, but not that old. Still it’s a very good book and might be just interesting window back into that era (why I also like Strugatsky’s books). Now with more details… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.5: Monday Begins on Saturday”

Dungeon Bookshelf vol.4: The Final Circle of Paradise (Predatory Things of the Century)

Got some time this week so we are back to some book reviews again. My vacation selection has only a couple left, so almost done with it, but I’m also still reading on my swimming pool “commute”, so there’s still a lot of material.

More Strugatsky brothers and their soviet sci-fi, at this point I’m quite dedicated to just read all their works, because I’m already quite deep, enjoy it a lot and some of the books form a whole universe that would be nice to explore fully. This time we are full future (or well actually future for them, but we are almost in that future currently, a bit altered version, but close, which makes it more interesting) and on Earth, so no space travels and other races, just our own issues as a future society that achieved abundance and peace. A little bit of dystopia today, let’s go… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.4: The Final Circle of Paradise (Predatory Things of the Century)”

Dungeon Bookshelf vol.3: Prisoners of Power (The Inhabited Island)

Ayyy, we back from degen life, or maybe surfaced for a moment and gonna sink again, you never know, but I hope not. Back to our 5Head reviews of quality soviet sci-fi that I’m still reading and enjoying.

More Strugatsky brothers, still catching up with my vacation books, this time The Inhabited Island (that’s direct translation from Russian, other name sounds kinda weird). Another bit of setting mixture, but this time not future-medieval, like in Hard to Be a God, but future-industrial, with some dystopian vibes. This book actually even got a movie not long ago in Russia, it was shit unfortunately, but quite popular. But we are going to discuss a book rn though, let’s go… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.3: Prisoners of Power (The Inhabited Island)”

Dungeon Bookshelf vol.2: Hard to Be a God

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, time for another episode of my little scuffed book reviews. Strugatsky brothers again, there will probably around 10 more reviews (if not more) until I’m kinda done with everything I want to read out of their books and I have full collection, so might as well binge that, but we’ll see. In any case I’m currently at 7 books finished and you only had one review, so yeah.

A bit different kind of sci-fi in today’s book, it overlaps with medieval world in a very interesting setting that in my opinion could fit some good videogame (there was one actually, but not very good, might actually be good Eurojank RPG material for my stream later). Let’s go… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.2: Hard to Be a God”

Dungeon Bookshelf vol.1: Roadside Picnic

Time for first scuffed book review post that I planned after all the reading during my vacation. Five books from Strugatsky brothers were consumed during calm days when I was alone at the summer house between my friends and relatives arrivals.

Strugatsky brothers are Russian sci-fi authors and aren’t super huge worldwide, but main thing that puts them on the big picture is “Roadside Picnic” book that was an inspiration to “Stalker” movie by Tarkovsky and then both inspired Stalker the videogame that we all know and sequel to which is a very big thing currently. Great sci-fi writers and totally worth reading even just for Roadside Picnic especially if you are a Stalker fan, you sure will see a lot of familiar things and even words (at least Russian book and game uses a lot of same slang), Ela already read it btw, haven’t heard his opinion yet though. But enough intro, let’s start… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.1: Roadside Picnic”

My imqhotbqh on Necromunda: Hired Gun

Long time no reviews, finished some games that I still need to review from the past, like still no Morrowind review, smh. Will be trying to make them more composed, maybe following some structure to make it easier to write and navigate, also faster and hopefully less triggering for my perfectionism.

Warhammer, especially 40k has pretty complicated relationships with videogames, big hit or miss usually and genres are not very diverse, but today we got something relatively unique for WH lately, let’s see if it’s a hit or a miss… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Necromunda: Hired Gun”

My imqhotbqh on The Technomancer

Finished a lot of RPGs quite close to each other, so reviews got a bit spread out in time due to my day offs (should write couple of posts yesterday and day before on my day offs too, but completely derped). Like with Gothic 2 this review will be somewhat connected with previous game review that I wrote earlier.

Let’s see what Spiders made this time… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on The Technomancer”

My imqhotbqh on Gothic 2

A little delayed, since I finished the game last week, but didn’t get a day off to sit down and write stuff properly. Should start doing some writing on my regular days too and be less lazy, but that’s the hard part, especially with current season and weather changes – feeling sleepy all the time and in a weird unmotivated mindset.

Main thing about this review is that pretty much everything from first game review is valid for this one too with some minor differences that are mostly in positive direction, but let’s get to details (version with Night of the Raven expansion btw)… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Gothic 2”

My imqhotbqh on Mars: War Logs

A little bit delayed, but better late than never. Spiders RPGs started for me with their latest one – Greedfall and it was actually pretty good (unfortunately didn’t write a review back then). Now I got to one of their earlier games and playing through dilogy of their Mars games, currently finishing The Technomancer and that review is probably coming next day off next week.

But for now it’s about Mars: War Logs, so let’s get to it… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Mars: War Logs”

My imqhotbqh on ELEX

Second review of Piranha Bytes game on this blog, now there is their first game and their last game here in reviews, so there’s some contrast pretty easy to find now here.

Ended up finishing it faster than Gothic 2, but still was pretty solid with close to 80 hours adventure that I enjoyed way more than Gothic games, but more in full post… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on ELEX”