Results of Omega October with survivalist diet

November is already here for a few days, but i’m still enjoying all the normal food and trash food way too much after October.

Was quite a busy and productive month, survivalist diet was also actually quite nice, but totally not for everyone. Now let’s get to details.

261 hours streamed in October, that’s 28 hours less than during Omega August, but still 57 more than during “regular” September, 8.4 hours long streams on average with no day off whatsoever. Finished Fallout New Vegas with all DLCs and 102 hours streamed according to stats (but should be more i think) and pretty much finished Outer Worlds in October too (last hours were 1st of November). Quite productive streaming month, even though Outer Worlds “performed” pretty poorly probably due to many people avoiding spoilers, watching other streamers play it etc, RPGs in general usually don’t perform too good, especially when playthrough is quite long. But oh well, i’m playing what i want to play and don’t really care about “performance” of games, even though that proves once again that jumping on big releases might be not the best strategy for a small streamer. Gonna stick to my current way to go, playing stuff i want to play and delaying some of the new releases i’m not so hyped about, to  provide people with some spoiler shelter while all other streamers are playing that. But if i want to play new release, then i don’t care even if there will be barely anyone to watch.

Survivalist diet with MREs, canned food, space food and dry food is finally over, can’t say i will miss it, even though it wasn’t really bad, just very repetitive. Taste of stewed beef starts chasing you even in your dreams after first few days and won’t let you go until you are done with the “diet” pretty much or until you get a break with stewed beef stuff, which is pretty much only stuff in russian MREs, so that’s why adding canned food and other stuff was a great decision for a bit of variety. Space food had pretty much same problem, almost all different meals tasted pretty much the same with a little difference.  Have to say on a positive side of the diet i lost some weight and saved good amount of money since diet ended up being pretty budget friendly and cheap, but on the other hand i rather stick to more variety in proper cooked meals and trying to keep them cheap, which is not hard really as long as i’m not spending too much on junk food and stuff like this. Will still come back to MREs from time to time since i still have some left and don’t want to waste good stuff, just gonna take long breaks between each.

Now next grinding month will be December, but a little bit scuffed streaming-wise in the beginning because of Dreamhack and visiting Ela after, but as soon as i’m back grind will start and extra effort during Christmas and New Years since i will be streaming both holidays, taking some day offs only in January. Also, 7th of December will be my charity stream for Save the Children, long cozy stream, potentially getting extended all the way till 24 hours or maybe even beyond that through donation incentives, but more info about that will be later in separate post, on Twitter and in Discord.

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