Omega October Marathon

Time for another month of intensive stream grinding, last time it was a lot of fun and i genuinely enjoyed having stable work schedule and routine going.

This time it is more of a marathon, because we already have defined goals for the whole month and some extra spice on top, so let me explain what it is all about.

This month is dedicated to Fallout: New Vegas playthrough and end time is already set to release date of The Outer Worlds – new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment (F:NV devs), because as soon as it’s out i’m gonna switch to playing that. There will be some other games of course for warm up purposes before switching to Fallout and just to add some diversity to streams, since TOW will be out 25th of October so we have quite a bit of time to finish New Vegas and need to pace it all properly (which is not simple, but we will be fine).

The spice on top of this marathon is that i’m eating exclusively prepper stuff, survival food, whatever you want to call it, which is different MREs (mostly military packages of prepared meals that can be stored for a few years, have a lot of useful survival things in like water disinfection pills, special matchsticks etc and that are of course convenient to use in any circumstances), canned food, some insta food, nutrition bars and so on, basically things you would have stocked to survive in harsh conditions, no fridge and limited cooking capabilities. For now i still need to finish stuff that i didn’t finish yet in my fridge from last month, not much left, so lore behind that will be that it’s just surviving last days with fridge offline and i’m just finishing it, but i already started with MREs and so far i’m actually pretty impressed how good they are.

Marathon is already going, i’m just a bit busy last few days due to getting ready for the marathon and dealing with all the stuff i can because in October there will be no day offs, so couldn’t find time to write this post before. Still have some paper stuff for my Dreamhack Winter visa to deal with left though, so couple of streams i potentially will start later since i will need to go to visa center in the morning and it’s quite far and potentially will have queues (i’ll try to go very early so hopefully will balance that out). Will post a report in the end of the month as usual, goal currently is to not spend anything this month on groceries and all that, since i’m already stocked on all the prepper food, will be interesting, will also report on how i feel after such diet and all that. More plans on games and things happening as usual in my calendar.

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