Labour Day, more like Labour Month

1st of May aka Labour Day was always one of the most important holidays here during soviet time, due to ideological meaning mostly of course, but they still kept it after the fall, just renamed a bit and now it’s more “casual”, was quite surprised to find out that it is celebrated in other countries too.

Perfect to put a little bit of labour in I’d say for 1st of May and rest of the month too while at it, making it into sort of marathon, more details and plans in full post… Continue reading “Labour Day, more like Labour Month”

Omega October Marathon

Time for another month of intensive stream grinding, last time it was a lot of fun and i genuinely enjoyed having stable work schedule and routine going.

This time it is more of a marathon, because we already have defined goals for the whole month and some extra spice on top, so let me explain what it is all about. Continue reading “Omega October Marathon”