Labour Day, more like Labour Month

1st of May aka Labour Day was always one of the most important holidays here during soviet time, due to ideological meaning mostly of course, but they still kept it after the fall, just renamed a bit and now it’s more “casual”, was quite surprised to find out that it is celebrated in other countries too.

Perfect to put a little bit of labour in I’d say for 1st of May and rest of the month too while at it, making it into sort of marathon, more details and plans in full post…

Main thing of course is starting our first batch of beer on 1st of May, everything already delivered and waiting for unboxing and starting the process, which I’m planning to do on stream around 3pm CEST. As I said for first attempt(s) I’m using method that is pretty cheap and easy, to start somewhere and to showcase probably easiest way to make your own beer that will require pretty low investments of money and time, maybe someone will decide to try too. Method is using malt extracts, so all you need is to add water and mix it in fermenter where you leave it for around 2 weeks, then bottle and let it carbonate for around 2 more weeks. My first setup of everything needed for fermenting including concentrate was less than 50$, then I’ll need to get bottles and there you can go from full hobo way with plastic and to fancy ones with flip top caps and that would be around 30$ for full set (one batch should be around 20 liters with pack I bought). For future brewing you just need to get new concentrate obviously and that’s pretty much it, bottles are usually reused (you can even reuse regular store glass beer bottles, just get some caps and device to seal them and device to wash them of course). Going in pretty much blind and starting it with unpacking the box containing everything, so expect potential trainwreck, but you know small steps and some practice, we’ll get Pepega Brewery to some good progress.

What about rest of May? Well plan is to stream every day in May, but having Wednesday and Thursday which are my regular day offs as shorter streams, or maybe other days when needed – we’ll see. We are getting long holidays early in May so I might need to go to parents like I needed to go on upcoming Sunday, but since I’m sick currently I’m not going anywhere and probably will chill for a while with it in case it’s corona, which I doubt, but better be safe. So gonna be kinda my usual marathon, but a little bit less dank than what I had before with some shorter streams now, even though we’ll see how I’ll be feeling. I also just want to experiment with such schedule and maybe to try to maintain it after May too, just much shorter streams on day offs, maybe just couple of hours chilling in the kitchen or something like this, cooking and streaming – optimization of time.

Games for May? This one is still kinda complicated, but there most likely will be something for May the 4th, wink wink. Might play the Hobo game for memes, Biomutant happening at the end of the month with high probability for me too, might play on release, but we’ll see, might also wait a bit. Truth is, Morrowind kinda took over my stream and mind for quite some time already and that is a great feeling usually when you just return to nice game that you enjoy for a while, but it’s hard to think about other games and also leaves you kinda empty after you finished it, so hopefully I’ll get one of those “do want” moments soon towards some game. Tbh May the 4th game actually kinda gets me a bit excited, so might be good. Another game I probably will play during May and that is somewhat high on my “excitement meter” currently is Stalker, only one that I haven’t played yet and usually I do play them every spring past years, so might do that too.

Other things that I want to do in May – more cooking and kinda more interesting cooking, some recipes that I want to show on some streams and leaving some improvising to others, now that I’m getting more comfortable streaming from kitchen, gonna have multiple kitchen streams per week. Obviously will be at least 2 beer related streams – fermenting start and bottling, probably will do some tasting too, but that won’t be some special stream I guess.

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