Omega August report. Summary of August results

It’s time for some transparency, actually coincidentally with my last transparent month report i posted here year ago, pretty much same time.

Still can’t force myself to do some consistent blogging due to lack of time, but i really want to and will do my best, but what’s important is that with streaming i’m consistent af so let’s check some stats.

Around 9 hours 20 minutes average streaming time per day this month, no day offs, growth across all metrics (ignore peak viewers it was one time Ela stopped early and i was going ham quite late so his autohost dropped and was quite massive).

Pretty happy with this, but the main thing is that Omega August was just the beginning, because there will be more heavy grind months coming and even months that are supposed to be more chill will be still pretty solid, except some day offs from time to time.

Next grind month will be October with lots of New Vegas and MRE eating marathon whole month for full survival immersion, might be not as crazy as this August since there might be some birthdays, so shorter streams potentially couple of days etc.

Estimated revenue according to Dashboard is 599$ and we are at 246 sub points, which is amazing and i’m happy with these numbers completely, since at least here in Russia (even in Moscow) with my own apartment that i don’t rent it’s a solid amount of money that is normally enough to survive and save a bit.

In terms of expenses month was pretty big too though, bit more than 1000$, since i paid taxes for last ~3 months period when i was withdrawing a lot of stuff stacked on my Paypal, was buying my coughing meds and nebulizer, bought new monitor and got my music “setup” for swimming and new headphones for workout and just outside, some new games too of course as usual. A lot of money went to my bad food habits and that is the part i want to fix for good, not only because of money, but because of health/weight effects.

Early September will still be quite a bit of expenses due to my birthday and birthdays of close relatives potentially being celebrated + my friends wedding upcoming Saturday will need a gift, after that i want to go intense money saving mode. Want to save as much as i can, because i want to visit Dreamhack Winter this year, our talks about it with Ela during Remnant coop just increased my urge to go, next year i also want to visit at least TwitchCon and Dreamhack Summer, maybe one more convention. Also next year might be Playstation 5 time already, that means need to buy that + capture card for it and potentially also Bayonetta 3 which means Switch time too.

So good economy is really needed + hopefully some luck with Subtember and overall good cozy season on Twitch till the end of the year, that i will continue putting all the time and effort in to provide all the content and entertainment for everyone interested!

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