Holidays are gone (insert crab emoji). Back to the grind

You thought blog is dead, but it was only sleeping – hecking bamboozling. As you know holidays here start later and last longer than in EU, so only couple of days ago we finally stopped celebrating (there is actually one more LIDL holiday for alcoholics coming soon, but it’s not official day off) and that means it’s time to get back to the path of professional streamer and git gud at it.

First of all i want to say “thank you” to everyone watching me and special thanks to everyone who’s supporting me in any way, there will be a separate appreciation post soon for that too.

I still suck at multitasking, so writing on blog is a huge pain in the ass due to lack of free time, but i have to do it, because i actually like it and blogging is kinda my “roots” with content creation, since i had one going for around a year in 2011 and it was pretty good, i miss it + additional way for me to deliver some content and additional format of content, more ways for you to get my opinions and views.

So what’s the plan for the blog? Appreciation post that i mentioned of course, some detailed plans posted in text form about my “media empire” as a whole, reviews of some games that i played a lot lately and have something to say about and most likely back to transparent streamer reports too to help me with managing my expenses and all that stuff.

Will try to post regularly, at least once per couple of days, shouldn’t be hard, need to discipline myself better with things like this.

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