My take on priority queue situation for streamers in PoE

Now that I posted my opinion about special treatment for streamers in general it’s time to analyze the situation that caused all the uproar recently and apply my vision to it.

My general vision was in previous post, now it’s more about one particular situation… Continue reading “My take on priority queue situation for streamers in PoE”

My take on streamers getting priority, early access and other benefits

In case you aren’t playing Path of Exile and don’t watch streamers related to it, even though that “drama” went quite far from game’s usual circle for a day or two, I’ll give a very quick tl;dr – launch of new league was a disaster with people getting disconnected and with big queues while streamers got provided priority login by devs skipping queue, which of course made people mad. I’ll post about this particular case separately soon, this one is already massive.

This situation in general is not really new, but it didn’t get any rallying point before for masses to gather and create enough noise around the problem. But now we got it verbalized and it’s perfect time to think about it and discuss it, which we already did on stream before and during current events, so time to write down my current opinion. Continue reading “My take on streamers getting priority, early access and other benefits”

Twitch Meta. Intro post and some of my vision

Meta is a pretty popular term nowadays in our gaming circles, coming from competitive games and used in many other departments now. In short Meta in gaming stands for state of things in some environment that becomes most popular or even default. Can use it anywhere, but gaming is the easiest example – some character or composition of characters becomes popular being most effective/versatile and you can expect to see them very frequently in your games. Could call it trends or something, but considering our mostly gaming background I think it’s just easier to use meta for everyone to understand what was meant.

This is just my vision and might be series of posts that probably won’t even be “finite” since Meta changes, there are new things that develop their own Meta and then things also tend to evolve sometimes not discretely, but you can see that slow wind of change that you can also try to analyze and predict where things are going. Continue reading “Twitch Meta. Intro post and some of my vision”

My take on new channel points feature to boost streams

You probably could notice that thing appearing on top of my chat telling you that boosting my channel is in progress, I think it even was constantly there glitched out for a couple of days. That’s new Twitch’s feature finally finding some actual use for channel points that is not just to burn them (even though I like the ability to get some emotes, but for some reason it is actually barely used).

So what’s this boosting about and what do I think about it, let’s see… Continue reading “My take on new channel points feature to boost streams”

Me and special streams

More than a week after charity stream and everything is still a little bit all over the place, but it’s a lot better and I’m more calm now, now I would say my grinding addiction is interrupting natural flow of things and that’s why I forgot to write a blog post on Thursday.

As I mentioned in previous post I have my own special perspective on special streams and today I want to talk about it, gonna be a post of transparency… Continue reading “Me and special streams”

My take on Twitch selling Affiliate status with Monstercat subscription

Been a while since I posted my Pepega takes, so here we go, very fresh one too. Affiliate status is something that is very hard to get on Twitch, but now you can get it by just investing pretty small sum of money in music service subscription.

Obviously reaction to that was pretty negative overall, not a huge shitstorm, but a lot of upset people and a lot of messages to other streamers asking them to give their take. Well here’s mine… Continue reading “My take on Twitch selling Affiliate status with Monstercat subscription”

What is Ragnarok Online?

Now that I posted a whole chapter of memoirs in my previous post about Ragnarok Online where you can find my motivation and reasoning behind even starting with this endeavor.

Now let’s get to details – what’s Ragnarok Online for those who don’t know or for those who want to see what it is for me, but with way less nostalgia glasses compared to previous post. Let’s go… Continue reading “What is Ragnarok Online?”

Why Ragnarok Online now?

It’s almost time to do my regular Ragnarok Online dive, this time live for the first time, servers open tomorrow 6pm CEST, but due to my day off and potential delays I’ll hop on Friday stream. Last nostalgia trip was in summer 2017 for Ragnarok Restart (think WoW Classic, but a bit different and speedily catching up with retail in content and updates) on iRO, pretty much disappeared there for a few weeks and those were some good times. Then some metagaming kicked in, bots, laggy servers and I left, server pretty much died in around 9 months and got merged with retail server less than 2 years after.

So why this game, what’s so special about it for me to return again and again and why now? All these questions I’ll try to cover in current post, but there will be a second post tomorrow to cover more potential questions about the game. Continue reading “Why Ragnarok Online now?”

My personal perspective on streamer orgs, collabs etc

Last Sunday group of big streamers, mostly from World of Warcraft scene, announced the creation of their organization called One True King, OTK. I’m really far from WoW tbh, but watch Asmongold a lot recently, so I caught the announcement and it was great, org itself seems really interesting and with a lot of potential, many ideas and some things already in motion, I hope they will succeed with all their plans and even if with part, that will already be some quality content and positive influence for the scene.

But for me it also had some “side effects”, it got me really inspired in a way and made me think about stuff like this – organizations, collaborations between streamers, streamer houses and all that jazz. So there will be a lot of thinkening in this post… Continue reading “My personal perspective on streamer orgs, collabs etc”

My take on recent mid-roll ads idea on Twitch

Well I’ll start with ez tl;dr – “It is a really bad idea to add mid-roll ads on Twitch”, that’s it, you read it, nothing to see here – move along.

But seriously it’s a part of a long “paradigm shift” that Twitch is doing to increase their ad revenue through us, streamers working on increasing our ad revenue, current clown fiesta is second move in that process, first I didn’t dedicate a blog post too, because it actually seemed quite good and didn’t stir any drama, but let’s discuss it more. Continue reading “My take on recent mid-roll ads idea on Twitch”