Trying Twitch’s own official subgoals implementation. Halloween Special

Not a book review today, gonna write some different stuff once in a while, since there’s plenty of books still to review, will take a while to cover it all and they don’t stop coming too. Let’s go with some sellout announcement.

Different goals that streamers set are around for a long while and I even did dono goals earlier this year for a few times, was big success actually, thanks to you, guys. But it always was some 3rd party tools used for it, now Twitch actually added something decent that allows you to set up sub/follower goals on their end with proper chat/channel integration. Since I don’t really do a lot of special streams, I figured it might be a good time to check this Sub Goal stuff now for Halloween, because I actually have something in mind for it and well selling out once in a while for a good reason is good. For tl;dr: a little speshul Halloween stream with my Clive Barker’s Undying playthrough + some kitchen action if we get say +66 subs. But a bit more detail now… Continue reading “Trying Twitch’s own official subgoals implementation. Halloween Special”

Third anniversary of my stream coming soon

It’s been almost 3 years since I pressed “Start Streaming” button in my OBS for the first time (if we don’t count my lidl Hearthstone beta russian streams for a couple of days years ago).

3rd of March will be my stream to celebrate it a bit and for you guys to decide what’s planned for 4th year. More in full post… Continue reading “Third anniversary of my stream coming soon”

Boomerathon 2. Plans and details

Boomerathon announced, sexy can of white monster near my face is already posted on Twitter and Discord has more beefy announcement that has some of the details about what’s planned etc.

This post is to put most of the info about what to expect in one place for people to read and in a little more detail too… Continue reading “Boomerathon 2. Plans and details”

Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro

So what’s all this ruckus about? Pretty simple – just being transparent with you, seriously, nothing to do with any memes, except the word. What exactly does it mean? In short: episodic reality show about my life as a streamer, public diary that isn’t going too deep into my thoughts, but more on the surface of my life so you can see a life of a streamer with mad Twitch bux, life of a gamer with decades of experience and long nolife moments, life of a simple nerd in Russia getting closer to his 30s. That’s tl;dr, how, why, when and some other answers in full post. Continue reading “Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro”