Transparent Professional Streamer Month. Intro

So what’s all this ruckus about? Pretty simple – just being transparent with you, seriously, nothing to do with any memes, except the word. What exactly does it mean? In short: episodic reality show about my life as a streamer, public diary that isn’t going too deep into my thoughts, but more on the surface of my life so you can see a life of a streamer with mad Twitch bux, life of a gamer with decades of experience and long nolife moments, life of a simple nerd in Russia getting closer to his 30s. That’s tl;dr, how, why, when and some other answers in full post.

So main input for this reality show is amount of money we are working with, only my Twitch paycheck, so subs, bits and ads money, not counting donos since they are less predictable. I also already asked Twitch what info and details i’m allowed to publish (i will talk about it in details later since that’s a pretty useful info), so we are all good. Now, we have 250$ and that’s what we are surviving with for next month till 1st of September, that’s what i earned in May (there is a delay in payments) and here you have famous mad Twitch bux streamers earn. Obviously i’m a really small streamer, but even getting to this point takes people pretty long time normally if they don’t have dungeon master connections or other ways to boost themselves, so if you are thinking about starting streaming from financial perspective – better think twice (that’s a topic for a big separate philosophical post though).

I already have some stocked food and stuff of course, not starting with empty fridge and all, so let’s call it a “slice of life”, not like legit staged show. Gonna count and post my expenses on food and other stuff in regular reports, so that’s pretty good for me too, since i’ll count money better and will see where it all goes and what can i cut.

Why and what’s the point? Well as i said, huge part of this “project” is just self-discipline, will be more motivated to plan everything and to be more responsible, since it is all public and you want to try your best to look better in the eyes of your audience. But there are also some other things about it, like just being more open for you guys to see that your money aren’t going on hookers and yayo or not being invested in some global red revolution plan and that you are actually making a difference with all your support. Another thing is just educational part, so you will learn more about life in Russia, our prices and all that stuff, maybe someone will find some good recipes and lifehacks to optimize their groceries and habits too. Many people told me that they like my storytime moments on stream just talking about life in Russia etc, so i hope that with this i can provide something close to it in text form that people can enjoy reading while not being able to watch or when i’m not live (there will totally be more posts about different Russia related things and stories later though).


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