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Didn’t write a post yesterday, thought i should move my posting times to more reasonable time and not at night, then realized today that i barely have time in the morning, then stream for 12 hours and it’s night posting again today, so it was all pointless. I’m planning to try posting some time during Ela’s stream normally, so i multitask on 2 screens for optimal time usage, but since i’m in streaming marathon state and my schedule is all over the place, might as well just go full pepo with posting. Situation with alerts is an actual clown fiesta, but with sad clown aka Pierrot in action, otherwise would be funny. 

So it all started more than a week ago, when all alerts on stream started dying, i’m using Streamlabs and their OBS client, everything was alright before and i didn’t change anything, so i thought maybe it will go away soon. Spoiler: it didn’t. I waited for a few streams, i was also leaving to all the parties, so i didn’t want to bother, but i tried checking some different things, tried opening browser alert through VPN and stuff to test – no result. When i was done with all the parties i decided that it’s time to deal with it, because i had multiple long streams ahead and i wanted everything to work properly during that, so i contacted their support, answer was: “multiple russian streamers have these issues periodically, we are investigating it, follow us on twitter to get updates”. Sounded like that might take forever if there was no progress in like 5 days, so i made alternative alerts in Streamelements, since Ela moved there and i made an account there anyway to control his bot and all that. So everything was working fine with Streamelements alerts, didn’t move completely, but started to think about it, because i obviously don’t want to stay on platform that is broken for me, no matter pros and cons. Well guess what, same exact day Streamlabs alerts started working fine, i woke up next day, launched test alerts on Streamlabs – working, so i switched back to it and decided to think moving and all that through later with pros/cons and all that.

So today i was streaming with Streamlabs no problems until i decided to went for a walk after 9 hours of stream to take chat outside, grab some food and get some activity on fresh air, since i barely had time for it this week. Streamlabs phone streaming app is actually pretty neat and synchronizes alerts with PC too, but thing is they didn’t work during all my IRL stream, so i missed a generous donation and a resub, on PC i could at least see resubs in chat while alerts were broken, but this time it was a complete miss and i felt pretty bad for both events when i came home to continue PC stream. But guess what, on PC it also stopped working again so i switched to Streamelements alerts.

Currently it is working again, i guess i’ll observe it a bit more, at least i can easily switch alerts (even though donations atm are still “fixed” in Streamlabs since it’s a bit more effort to change) now, but yeah, if clown fiesta continues i’ll just switch to the system that actually works – no bias, no research on both systems, just obvious primitive logic that tells us that things that work are better than things that are broken, even if broken thing is supposed to be better. But if both will work, then i guess at some point i’ll go through some researches and decide on what to pick, maybe even with a post explaining my thought process behind that, but that is no rush at least, i just need my alerts to work rn.

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