Before bed report post

Consistent blogger trying to keep being consistent, but still with bad posting schedule, because late. Just a smol post to report current status on some plans and other things, a bit on Transparent Month, didn’t spend anything yet really, just a bit.

First of all i have a Steam group now so it’s easier for people to find me and each other, second i have community thingie now too for same purpose, BN stuff might be useful considering upcoming new WoW expansion, since probably many people gonna at least check it. Would love to be on WoW hype train, but not my jam atm, i’ll try to jump in on vanilla servers maybe and from there it might evolve to some fresh content, but we’ll see how it goes. Currently i’m playing Warhammer Online fan server that i mentioned before, well just a bit off-stream since i don’t have a lot of free time then, really wish i could stream it and i actually might do some later when (and if) i get some levels just to show this game in history lesson format, because it is totally worth mentioning, just won’t highlight or anything in case EA will start randomly doing some copyright shenanigans about dead game.

Made special dedicated channel in my Discord for my Sunday Game Talk Show that we are having regularly since summer sale and people are loving it, can just dump games, news, trailers, topics and all that stuff in the channel and i’ll be picking things from there on Sunday to talk about. Also separate channel for my blog and other off-Twitch content, you can post some ideas, suggestions and feedback about blog posts, instagram photos and all that, maybe eventually there will be also YouTube content, when i’ll get to that part, no plans yet though. Regular suggestions and feedback channel for my stream and emote channel were there before and were used quite a bit, so don’t be shy if you have something to add to any of my channels, i’m trying to check everything in feedback-suggestion group of channels, in the rest too, but it’s harder to keep up sometimes, so tag me if there is something important. Discord is staying invite-only probably for a reeeeally long time, but if you are around a lot and enjoy my strum and community, then just contact me or my mods about it, it is really nice and cozy (which is the main reason i’m keeping it invite-only).

Bought Star Traders: Frontiers today, just came out from Early Access, very positive reviews, looks pretty good and up my alley + costs like 4$ in regional price, just couldn’t resist such offer and that’s what i’ll try during the weekend, probably Friday after my Thursday day-off. So that’s my only expenses for the first day of Transparent Month, might get some more tomorrow with potential groceries though.

Longer 7 hours streams are actually making me feel really productive, even though kinda sad cutting some time from Ela’s stream viewing, but that’s kinda necessary, since there is no other way to make my streams longer without cutting some time from Ela’s streaming hours. At least it’s not that much, so it’s not that bad + i still can be there full time on my day offs usually, unless i’m having some time consuming IRL action going on, which happens quite a bit during this time of the year, gimme my cozy winter so i can go full nerd mode without people bothering me much.

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