Delayed but still Transparent update with plans

Nice philosophical conversation till 4am in Discord killed my plans yesterday, so i didn’t post a report, gonna post it today then with some plans for the weekend.

So weekend plans are pretty simple – gonna try Endless games, aka Endless Space, Endless Legend and Endless Dungeon, since they have a free weekend and that is a perfect opportunity for me to try them and decide if i want to buy them, pretty good discount if i’ll buy them too. Also still RimWorld and Space Traders Frontiers that i started today, so schedule is pretty busy, might even play some Red Faction for a bit, who knows. Sunday Game Show is happening too of course, this week it will be some time around lunch time probably. Starting Saturday stream afternoon again and Sunday is regular time.

Now time for a smol Transparent report. Went to buy a bit of groceries yesterday to get a discount coupon for “major” groceries during weekend and due to heat decided to go grab some milkshake in McDonalds and as usual got Jebaited so bought a full meal pretty much in the end. Got ~20$ spent, adding game i bought on Wednesday and let’s make it 25$. Got a bit surprised by groceries price, literally bought some pleb beef steaks, that are called schnitzels, because you need to tenderize them, otherwise they aren’t that soft, still tasty though, some soda, some mini-banoners, smol cakes and that’s it, already >10$, everything also was with promo-price. Main groceries shopping session will be tomorrow though, got a good discount coupon for it too. Maybe will try to make more detailed and informative report with it too for better representation of prices.

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