Dank Stream Guide for tomorrow

Time for our first ever meme-stream and it will be free-to-play with microtransactions, so it will be a bit more complicated than just put youtube link in donation window (even though that option will also exist). No rocket science though, more info, rules and how-to in full post.

For tl;dr of all necessary info skip to pretty much very bottom of the post until you see highlighted headings.

By free-to-play i mean that you will be able to request songs without paying a single $, just by using !sr command in chat, BUT it’s not that simple, we don’t want it to be spammed too much by low quality content and all that, so !sr command has a price in loyalty points that you probably noticed in my chat called “blyats”. I will post detailed post about current loyalty system and plans for it, but for now tl;dr version relevant to songrequest should suffice. You get blyats simply for watching my stream, 5 points/10 minutes for regular viewers and 15/10min for subs, additionally you can participate in raffles that me and mods are making from time to time and gamble with !roulette and !slots or !wrestle someone to get some of their points, but obviously all these commands are rng based and you can also lose your points.

This is where first part of microtransactions appears – you get blyats for subbing/resubbing, donating and sending bits, 100 blyats = 1$ in each case, so subbing or resubbing = 500 blyats. Price of !sr command will be 600, but subs will get 50% discount, so 600/300 blyats for 1 song, if you are subbed it will be pretty easy to get enough for a couple of songs from ground level just by watching stream, for someone randomly joining without subbing it will require some luck, participating in raffles and other interactions to get blyats for songs, so typical f2p concept – grinding or paying. Amount of raffles will be decent though, so majority of people will get their chances to request some songs, just pay attention to chat to catch some raffles.

But it’s not only about requesting songs for point, there is also another option to use your precious blyats that you managed to save and didn’t !roulette all – skipping songs that are requested by others, !skip command will skip the song that is currently playing and will cost you 1000 blyats, no discounts or anything. Will work ONLY for donations made with points, pay2win songs won’t be affected by skip.

Now let’s talk about p2w songrequests in general, considering concept that i created and described above, i can’t really put those songs in the same queue, because then they will be affected by !skip command and that would be pretty mean + i really want to try skipping as additional interaction way using loyalty points, so i don’t want to just disable it for non-mods yet. So i will be taking donation request just manually (i doubt there will be a lot anyway, so no biggie), just put the link in the donation text, i’ll open it in the browser, check and if it’s not monkaTOS it will be played ignoring the line of free-to-play donations.

All p2w songs will be unskippable (unless TOS stuff of course) and with increased timelimit, depending on the amount of money, while f2p songs will be all locked at 3 minutes and can be skipped by !skip command by anyone with points. Also since i’m taking it all manually, i can also take songs from bits messages, so you have more methods to send me a p2w song, same goes to resub messages, just put a link in your resub message and i will play it for 5 minutes (if you just subbed you can also ask for a song in chat since you don’t have a resub share message yet). And don’t forget that donating, cheering and subbing/resubbing will also give you blyats, so for each 3 minutes song you request with p2w method, you will get enough points for 1 f2p song.

P2W songrequest lengths: 1$ = 1 minute, 25$ = 30 minutes, 50$ = 1 hour. Not taking more than one hour in one song though, you can split in multiple donations if you want to send more. If i realize at some point that there are too many songs,  i might stop accepting both p2w and f2p songs, but obviously p2w will have priority in playing.


Starting at 12pm (afternoon, 1200), meme stream will start around 3pm, 1 hour warm up and trying if everything is working, getting used to it, then at 4pm we start our Sunday Gaming Talk Show, check different games, trailers and news playing meme songs on the background. Streaming up until 12am (midnight, 0000), might cut memes a bit earlier or a bit later, so i can finish all the songs in time.

Commands that you need

!sr <youtube link/youtube id/title of the video so bot searches it> – puts song in the list, price 600 for non-subs, 300 for subs.

!skip – skips song that is playing right now, costs 1000 blyats and works only on f2p songs, not on donated requests.

!song – shows current song and who requested it

!songlist – gives you a link to full list


No monkaTOS, no n-words, nothing offensive and better avoid controversial things like ISIS remixes and stuff like this, no earrape stuff, maybe only mild. If you aren’t sure, send it to mods first to check, if still not sure, better don’t, i’ll work with same principle and if i’m not sure about some song i’ll skip it. From my 2 years experience modding songlist for Ela we barely skip songs, actual TOS stuff is requested once per couple of meme streams and other rare skips are mostly just dumb earrape vids. Mostly won’t show any videos on stream, unless i’m 100% sure it’s completely safe.

Chat will be allowed to go wild, but still no ASCII and huge pepo pastas.


Dead Cells with Twitch integration will be the main thing, probably some Graveyard Keeper grind, maybe some Two-Point Hospital, but i still want to have ingame sound there tbh, so not sure.


First 5 donos and cheers will get 50% more points to spend on f2p request and just chat fun stuff with gambling and such things (don’t forget to specify your Twitch account when donating so you get your points). Was thinking about ordering some food and you guys helping me pick some, but i might do it on Monday since potentially long strum and my birthday, don’t want to order 2 days in a row.

So this will be our first Dank experience, might be pretty pepo this time, lots of things we haven’t tried, but should still be fun!

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