Plans for current week and updates.

Another epic weekend with 25 hours of streams in 2 days and a day off that was at least a bit productive, but then early modding session for >10 hours arrived and i realized that i still suck at multitasking pretty badly.

In terms of money i’ve spent around 46$ during the weekend and today, was more groceries and today i ordered a nice meal, since i was planning to go outside to get some, but then i saw Ela is live early, so i just decided to order food. So we have 10$ left and month is almost over, my fridge is pretty full too and that means we are good, only problem is i need to buy Two-Point Hospital that is out soon, so that’s 20$ and will send us to -10$ result this month, but our currency also tanked around a week or two ago, so technically i should recalculate a bunch of my expenses and it should cover it (actually game is less than 20$ too that way). But yeah, i also think about removing games from this “challenge” category and count them separately, because sometimes there are no games, sometimes there is a bunch in the same time, so you need to spend a lot of money and that will ruin all balance for the month, probably will be separate record and put on account of donations and savings. Transparency will continue btw, because why not, it’s nice to keep record of my expenses and you guys know where your money goes too.

Now to some plans, but everything is simple there for now – more Dead Cells, more Graveyard Keeper and more Slay the Spire warm ups in the morning, up until 30th of August when Two-Point Hospital is out, after that i’ll be going ham with it at least for a stream or two, then we’ll see how it will go in terms of games. At the moment we built a pretty big base of smol games that i can always come back to for variety and when i’m not feeling anything big and monumental. September will be a start of more professional approach as i said, so i will plan some more playthroughs of games that i have in my list, but haven’t scheduled yeah, can guarantee at least one good RPG game in September too. Don’t forget that meme-stream is soon, gonna start autumn with some good stuff, should happen this Saturday, but might be moved to Friday, because i think Ela might be out on Friday and that means he might stream on Saturday instead, so that makes Friday long stream material and Saturday will be a regular one, which means it will be better on Friday, guess we’ll learn it closer to date, so don’t forget to check for updates from time to time.

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