Plans for upcoming weekend

Slacking with blog posts, some other things too sometimes, it’s just that i’m forgetting that i should probably do it and remembering in pretty inconvenient moments, not that i’m lazy to do it or something, just all the things i’m keeping in mind and all this important “professional” stuff.

So Saturday is a long stream, starting afternoon, gonna play Slay the Spire, Dead Cells and Graveyard Keeper for sure, potentially returning RimWorld or maybe some other games, we’ll see, don’t want to promise anything, since it is always about following the flow during long stream, playing proper games makes it fun and you don’t even notice that it’s time to finish. Dead Cells i will do some Twitch integration runs for a couple of hours most likely, some pokemon action with hunting grenade to get some blueprints for warm up and potentially some more 2 cells runs, will probably try to get to 3 cells in the end, but not sure if i’ll continue past that difficulty.

Sunday stream same program too, except Gaming Talk Show, which probably will take a lot more time this week due to Gamescom with all the trailers, gameplay videos and news. Might require some changes in scheduling, we’ll see closer to date, approximately around 2-3pm, most likely will be at least 2 hours, since even on regular days we get to 2 hours sometimes easily, with all the news it might be more time this week.

If i’ll be ordering food, then probably on Sunday for talk show and don’t really want to do it on Saturday making it an IRL break, don’t mind trolls and speshul people that we got there, but it makes chatters FeelsWeirdMan and in slow chat that is not cool, especially since there are lots of those speshimens in there. As usual all the food crowdfunding is appreciated, still owe all dem food report blog post, those are a bit more bothersome since need to upload photos from phone and do all the formatting, so here i might be lazy actually.

Spent 20$ more yesterday on food and buying some plumbing stuff to replace my kitchen sink drain, as i expected whole package costs like 1.5 bottles of liquid that cleans them and i will forget about it completely for like 3 years – totally worth it, just gonna measure time and effort i need to spend. That leaves us with 56$ for the last week we have left and that should be easily doable.

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