Le quick update

Gonna keep it short today (inb4 wall of text), because i’m writing this late again, still can’t get used to doing all the blogging stuff early and to proper multitasking too.

First of all need to add 30$ more to our transparent month expenses, that was spent on groceries and one visit to McDonalds during the weekend and ~10$ to buy Graveyard Keeper and Death’s Gambit this week, that puts us on 174$ total, 76$ left for 9 days pretty much, should be doable no problems.

Muscles are still a bit dead after my Monday hardcore gym session during day off, probably gonna skip tomorrow too and let it fully recover and then back at it on Thursday during my day off, so i can go ham again potentially. This week will also buy next year of my gym membership, that will hit some of my savings, since it’s ~350$ (that’s quite a bit here). Will be going 3 times a week, should be enough, considering my current 4 days a week plan is getting interrupted by different things quite a bit anyway.

Graveyard Keeper turned out to be a pretty big time eater game with all the grind, will probably stuck there for a bit, gonna try to at least get all the skills and check all the different aspect that are currently in the game. Gonna post my imqhotbqh on it when i progress in game more, so far i totally like it and getting sorta Stardew vibe, but it’s like less “emotional” addiction that Stardew was, more gameplay addiction due to so many activities that are paced to always make you feel like a kid in the toy store, but also with time limit to try all dem toys.

Dead Cells still delivering, a bit less, but still fun, becomes a little bit old, but desire to git gud motivates to play it more. Slowly opened all Daily Challenge reward blueprints, Skewer looks fun.

Planning to transfer to Streamelements platform slowly, wanted to start on Thursday, but looks like Thursday will be pretty busy day IRL, gonna be back home kinda late and jump to modding straight up, so not sure, we’ll see though, maybe i’ll start preparing everything slowly step-by-step and then finish the transfer in one day when everything is prepared. Hopefully by the time of meme stream all the transfering will be done already, so 6 months of my streaming will be with MLG professional streamer things in action.

So many plans about blog posts, all the food reports i owe you and like no time at all to do it all, but i’ll fix it, at least right now i’m happy i have stable consistent streams going with people watching them, that is all i need right now to feel like i’m on a right track, rest will shape up accordingly soon. Here we go, wall of text again, didn’t even take long to write, should do it a lot earlier during the day, but always wait till it’s pretty late.


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