Time to start some epic plans

It’s finally getting colder and nights are already pretty cozy with fresh cold air, that means autumn is getting closer with everyone finishing their vacations, getting back to studies, work and regular calm and cozy days. That also means that i’m streaming for 6 months (not right now, but beginning of September) and i want to use that nice time of the year to go hard with more professional approach, with better planning and with finally switching to 8 hours full time streams at least 5 days of the week.

So what’s with plans? There are multiple plans in my head for a while already, but those will require some more work with scheduling and stuff, so we’ll start with a couple of plans for near future.

First of all we’ll start the season with a blast, or with a spank rather, 1st of September, first day and Saturday of autumn we’ll do a meme stream, most likely long 12 hours one. I’ll describe rules and everything in details when it will be closer and i’ll figure which tools exactly to use, but in general concept will be songrequests through chat bots most likely, with bunch of limitations in song length etc, so it’s a free2play meme stream, but donating a song will automatically put it ahead of f2p queue and with bigger song length, also donation songs won’t be skippable (unless it’s TOS or something of course) while f2p songs i’ll keep right to skip. So prepare your best gachi mixes, it should be fun, we’ll see what to play during that closer to the date, probably multiple games, but stuff that i don’t need immersion for of course with all the slaps and moans on the background.

But wait, there is more! Week after, 8th of September i’ll do a drinking stream with lots of beer, so that will probably be some good stuff like previous drunk streams with me telling stories and derping while being real. Which games and details we will know closer to date, last time playing Darkest Dungeon was something interesting, dunno how i didn’t fuck everything up, but that was indeed full pepo mode.

And well there is my birthday exactly same day my stream will be 6 months old, so maybe i’ll eat some cake or something during that, but nothing special, just another day and stream pretty much, don’t want to look sellout or something.

Epic plan post with my ideas and approximate schedule will be published when it’s ready, gonna look into announcements, planned releases etc to figure when are we playing what and when to find some time to some speshul streams and shows.

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