Transparent month results and some updates

August is over and i couldn’t even find time to post anything, since i was getting ready for meme stream and birthday, now it’s time, even though my birthday technically still continues visiting relatives and then with drinking stream on Saturday, but all that in another wall of text.

Guess my birthday ended up in a multiple days of celebrations, since tomorrow i’m visiting grandma, yesterday i was visiting mom and on Saturday we are going to drink on strum, will buy a bunch of different beer again and gonna just chill playing some games while telling stories and interacting with chat, so feel free to join with booze or without. Also lots of cheating this week, so i’ll probably just elaOP that shit a bit up until next week, especially since Friday will probably be a long stream of spooderman by Ela and then my drunk stream and all that, so my sleep will take it deep and without lube again anyway.

Gonna start whipping myself back in shape on Monday, should have pretty chill times without any IRL events till like the end of October, hope no one will bother me so i’ll be just grinding my streams, lots of games to play, all the new and old stuff that i still need to schedule. Just want to sit home seeing shitty weather outside not sweating my balls or blasting AC and play games in a cozy way with clam chat. Grinding gym of course too, feeling pretty bad for skipping a lot past couple of weeks, but at least i managed to setup a lot of features for the stream and chat in that time, including opening Intro Fighters for masses, was worth it, but next week i’m back to grind and sleeping like a proper human, thought my schedule was rock solid after last year, but still manageable to destroy if you try hard enough. At least one thing makes me feel better about that – it’s that i’m slacking and sleeping like shit because and in favour of my streams that are going really well, so that feels not so bad, but if i was not slacking and also doing everything in favour of my streams, that would feel fucking amazing, so we need to get there.

Speaking of Spooderman – my streams aren’t happening, since our government’s hunt for Telegram, which never stopped working for a second ever since March, but bunch of random innocent services died and Sony still didn’t fix shit on their side, even though they promised, so people are using some side DNSs and proxies, but thing is i need my friend to set it up on his console and he’s pretty busy and completely pepo with technology, so that’s complicated. That made me decide to skip Spooderman, wasn’t really hyped, was more like “would be nice to stream it”, but guess i’ll just watch it, save money and stream something else for those people who are “damn, everyone is streaming <game name> have nothing to watch, because i want to play it myself” LUL But i’ll try to figure how to make it work for RDR2 release, that one i actually want to play, not too hyped, but really want to play.

Transparent month finished successfully, if we are counting games i went 10$ over the limit, but yeah, as i said, i’m planning to put games in separate category, since it’s really unpredictable and random category, so that way i’m bit below my monthly limit. What now? I think i’ll just stay transparent and post reports while i’m feeling like it and keeping all my budgets under control from myself and from you, publicity kinda restricts going full pepo with spending money, even though my last month’s budget could use some optimizations for sure too. So starting Monday i’ll get back to counting everything, budget for next month will be same, 250$, even though i earned 350$ in June, thanks to you guys being amazing and that means 100$ will go to savings, which i will mostly use for games, upgrading my streaming environment and setup. I’ll also post separate meme and birthday stream report with some shout outs to all the nice people, you actually killed hard and i was really shocked by support and how good meme stream was with birthday stream polishing it by opening 2 more emote slots in one go.

Plans for the rest of the week: day off tomorrow (today), gonna visit grandma, probably will go for a walk or bike ride to grab some coffee and garbage food before that, Friday i’ll stream same stuff – StS, Dead Cells, Hospital, on Saturday i might add some new games to our list, kinda feeling like adding some new good stuff for diversity lately, even though Dead Cells is still A LOT of fun for me, which i never expected from the game of this genre.

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