Trying Twitch’s own official subgoals implementation. Halloween Special

Not a book review today, gonna write some different stuff once in a while, since there’s plenty of books still to review, will take a while to cover it all and they don’t stop coming too. Let’s go with some sellout announcement.

Different goals that streamers set are around for a long while and I even did dono goals earlier this year for a few times, was big success actually, thanks to you, guys. But it always was some 3rd party tools used for it, now Twitch actually added something decent that allows you to set up sub/follower goals on their end with proper chat/channel integration. Since I don’t really do a lot of special streams, I figured it might be a good time to check this Sub Goal stuff now for Halloween, because I actually have something in mind for it and well selling out once in a while for a good reason is good. For tl;dr: a little speshul Halloween stream with my Clive Barker’s Undying playthrough + some kitchen action if we get say +66 subs. But a bit more detail now…

Exact numbers I’ll see tomorrow before stream, since Twitch’s Sub Goal actually tied to your current subs and then adjust whenever number drops with some subs running out, so I don’t want to set it up now in case some gifts run out and number will be all over the place. I’m close to 300 sub points right now (crazy months now, thank you guys, my usual number is like 180-200) and I probably will just set it to 350 unless it drops deep tomorrow and it will be too far from 350. It will count your regular subs and resubs, primes and gifts, so basically anything that gives notification and technically even without notification it should work since it literally synchs with stuff I see in my dashboard.

Clive Barker’s Undying got on my radar a while ago, but couple of weeks ago I got the idea to play it on Halloween instead of some Boomerathon, because that would be more fitting and could work as still somewhat of a scary game that won’t make me fall asleep since it still has good gameplay and stuff. So I already bought it (was on sale actually on GoG, perfect) and if we get sub goal I’ll play it on Halloween, if we won’t then I can just play it some other time on Boomerathon or something.

Kitchen stream stuff for Halloween if we hit the goal will be some pumpkin themed cooking, not gonna spoil, but might be interesting, will probably be a couple of things even.

Usually I try to sellout with some particular fundraising goal, which I guess works better for my audience, when people know that they are helping with actual thing and not just throwing money to spam some TTS or some shit. With subs it’s harder to plan/count, because of regional prices, Twitch cuts, paypal fees and other things, so I won’t even know how much it will be after I setup the goal, but generally I’m currently planning some big upgrades for my kitchen setup and things are quite pricey there, so I’m going to wait for some sales and will probably set some dono goal for a bit extra support later this year. Getting extra funds in multiple steps over time would be just better than setting one beefy goal that will be hard to reach. I’m fine financially now thankfully and can afford those upgrades, but it will be nice to replenish some of those expenses to keep my safety belt investments that are waiting for conventions to return or some emergency expenses that I hope I won’t get, but you never know.

Will I do these a lot? Thing is I don’t really do a lot of streams that are fitting, “special” streams let’s put it that way, so most likely not. On the other hand I have a lot of ideas that can happen potentially, but could use some extra financing, involving travels and IRL streams mostly, so Sub/dono goals would be quite fitting, but that still will take some time because of corona and also requires a lot of prep in terms of gear for that. We’ll see, I just hope it will work even on rare occasion, because main issue small streamers have with goals and other selling out is being afraid of situation when you just sit there like an idiot and nothing happens, goal doesn’t progress, just giving you some mean reality check.

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