Boomerathon 2. Plans and details

Boomerathon announced, sexy can of white monster near my face is already posted on Twitter and Discord has more beefy announcement that has some of the details about what’s planned etc.

This post is to put most of the info about what to expect in one place for people to read and in a little more detail too…

Last year around this time I did my first Boomerathon, which is just me playing bunch of old games every stream for a while and it was a blast, really cozy holidays with some classics and then it even continued during whole January pretty much, if not longer. Second episode was out of question, so tomorrow I’m starting with 5Head Wednesday Boomer Edition and The Guild Gold Edition, that is already all set and ready.

Schedule-wise: 16th of December and at least until middle of January, we’ll see if I’ll get stuck there until February this time, but I sure have quite a lot of stuff that I want to play this year. 8.30am every day for extra boomer feel to it, but I also want to try new stream schedule, starting and finishing 30 minutes earlier to transfer smooth into Ela’s stream 30 minutes after his start. No day offs until next year now, only short stream on 31st of December since this year I’ll be celebrating with friends, can’t do it with stream again unfortunately, after that in January I will take some days off to celebrate with my relatives and enjoy some holiday spirit a bit here, 7th of January off for sure.

Games-wise: starting tomorrow with The Guild, might check The Guild 2 and some other 5Head Wednesday material games during upcoming month of Boomerathon. For RPG Mondays I’ll continue my Gothic playthrough and if I’ll manage to finish it during Boomerathon, then I’ll pick something else fitting, maybe even Gothic 2, because right now I’m feeling it for sure. For my regular days I have a list of games to go through, which I’m not sure in which order I’ll go, but list has Daikatana, Majesty, TRON 2.0, C&C Renegade, Messiah, Red Alert 2 (did it last year, but might get some more, maybe modded), kinda feeling some good old Russian games too, we’ll see. First one from the list probably will be Daikatana, to see what those memes are about and what happened with mr. Romero who delivered us Empire of Sin recently, which I enjoyed playing, but can see issues people had with it.

Little side things happening in the same time – I’m trying to increase my social network activity and started using Insta stories, which basically allow me to spam more stuff without feeling that I’m overdoing or need some better “content”, expect some more nerdy shit on Twitter too. Another thing planned for this week is getting Cyberpunk Pizza that they got here and trying some of that on stream, it has cyber-cola-bbq sauce and I’m a bit scared, but can’t be worse than banana pizza, right? (and it wasn’t even that bad).

Hopefully I’ll be finding time to post something on the blog too, I need to post my review for Empire of Sin and more stuff too, but might be too busy with no day offs until January, we’ll see how it goes, I’ll try to make up for that for sure.

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