More little schedule experiments

Returning to my schedule from around 1.5-2 years back, when I had 1 day off one week and 2 days off other week in hopes that this extra day off every two weeks will be productive, but if not, then I’ll probably return to the grind.

Exceptions will be obviously when I’m doing some grindy marathons like I always do around holidays time etc, then less or no day offs as usual. Now that tl;dr is over, traditional wall of text in full post… Continue reading “More little schedule experiments”

Current state of my channel and life after adjustments to schedules

Now that it’s been a bit more than a month since I tamed my streaming hours, returned my day off and introduced some “speshul” days in my schedule, it’s time to review some first results. Just sorta little IRL update. Continue reading “Current state of my channel and life after adjustments to schedules”

Back to regular blogging, more on scheduling and plans

More than a month of non-stop streaming, almost 280 hours of streaming in a month, so more than 9 hours on average with no day offs and honestly, it’s not even something insane, but the problem is finding time to do something else. Not even like IRL things like hanging out with friends etc (even though I even managed to fit some of that in my schedule too), but also things related to streaming, like setting some things up, writing on this blog and so on. It’s not like I really need to write on my blog as a part of my streamer’s “career”, or I can’t live without a YT channel, or something else – nah, it’s no problems, but it’s something you need to do just for the sense of accomplishment. Same as with workout that sometimes was suffering a bit because of lack of free time.

Now I’m back to at least having a day off, so it already feels good to have a day when I can try to catch up with some stuff, what I’m doing right now for example. Hearing from people on my birthday that they like reading my stuff here just motivated me more and made me feel more wrong for lacking free time, which puts more emphasis on proper scheduling too, which I’m going to attempt and experiment with and I can share some current ideas and plans. Continue reading “Back to regular blogging, more on scheduling and plans”

Weekly Transparent Streamer report

Weekly report gonna be pretty short, since i forgot majority of details from my shopping, only total numbers pretty much. Gonna try to post more “express” reviews with fresh impressions, but yeah, my schedule was completely RIP and i’m now on my 4 hours of sleep, posting before i go to bed to finally do it and then wake up at reasonable times. Continue reading “Weekly Transparent Streamer report”

No answer from Twitch yet, but counting some expenses already

Since it’s day off this post will be mostly kinda IRL centered with nothing about games and streaming related stuff, i’ll have a bunch of those quite regularly probably, since it’s pretty much my “diary” and some people like my russian coolstories. Continue reading “No answer from Twitch yet, but counting some expenses already”