No answer from Twitch yet, but counting some expenses already

Since it’s day off this post will be mostly kinda IRL centered with nothing about games and streaming related stuff, i’ll have a bunch of those quite regularly probably, since it’s pretty much my “diary” and some people like my russian coolstories.

Was a pretty good day off today, except i got into insane rain after swimming pool so it felt like i’m taking the shower again, but with clothes, could also save time on drying my hair since it still got like right after the shower.

Still didn’t give up on the idea to go to the mall to grab some dank food, jumped into the bus completely soaked and was even thinking about buying some new cheap shirt, when i arrived to the mall, but ditched the idea due to the fact i need somehow to cut labels and since i already kinda was more or less dry.

Got some vietnamese business lunch, which is basically bowl of pho-bo soup, some fried rice with chicken and deep fried pork roll and all that for 6$ during lunch time – that’s a steal even for our prices (old instagram of same lunch)

For example in McDonalds getting Big Mac + Fries + Coke would cost exactly the same and if price is the same i’ll take quality healthy meal any day, especially since it’s also pretty damn tasty and totally more filling for longer time compared to burger with fries. To be honest business lunch format is really good in terms of prices here, since standard price is around 5-6$ everywhere and even in almost any restaurant you can get a quality complex meal for that money during lunch hours anywhere in Moscow, in other cities it is most likely even cheaper. They are also opening Panda Express place in that mall, so gonna try some classic US chinese fast-food chain here, always enjoy trying some new food and happy that they are bringing more variety in my part of Moscow, especially in more or less cheap segment of food. Street and fast food market in Russia is pretty stale and weak, because of our law mostly, since it’s really strict and outdated, so it’s really hard to start such business and for example food carts or food trucks are somewhat completely impossible formats. I was and probably still am planning to open some food business eventually, since i was always interested in cooking and eating of course + our market is still a huge blank canvas in terms of food, especially if you go further away from top 5 biggest cities.

We also have Cofix there which is a nice coffee and snacks/dessert chain with fixed prices, 1.7$ per big cup of some good coffee or coffee based drink with different taste syrups included in price – that’s amazing. Especially since that’s exactly same price and size as in McDonalds with McDonalds quality (that is not that great, not shit either though), but without syrups and stuff. Coffee market is getting better here, but still pretty meh and really overpriced, in nearby small mall where i do groceries there is one corner that changed 3 coffee places already in past 3 years and i don’t know if it’s just wrong format for coffee places with rent being too expensive or bad managing on their side.

After dank food and coffee trip i also went to buy some groceries, but completely forgot to buy milk, which means i’ll probably go buy some tomorrow, since i drink coffee with milk or cream, not a big fan of just plain coffee, so i prefer adding milk or if i’m buying some outside i’m getting something like cappuccino and such (which i’ll probably get while doing groceries since i have no milk at home).

So in total i spent around 25$ today, also charged my bus pass for 60 rides which is 20$, that will last me for around 2-3 months though most likely so not exactly this month’s expense, but we can count it too i guess and correct in final calculation if it will be needed.

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