Consistent blogger coming through

Another casual post with some updates and reports. Epic posts will happen, just you wait, getting used to it and building a habit to post things regularly atm and it’s coming along nicely i’d say.

So for transparency challenge i actually contacted Twitch partner support to get more information about what i’m allowed to disclose regarding my income, just want to be safe and that will help a lot to know what is ok to say and what is not for the future too, might be some interesting posts later using some of that information. Dunno when i will get an answer, shouldn’t take long.

In the same time i asked about legal status of Wathammer Online: Return of Reckoning, which is basically a private server of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – great PvP centered MMORPG that was closed long time ago. Game was in p2p model aka subscription during all the life cycle and was slowly dying over time, because, for example, for me it was just a game to come back to chill for some time, it was kinda struggling to keep interest for long periods of time, new content was rare and not for everyone, for example big update that was centered more around PvE content was pretty much a failure and all that is totally not “subscription friendly”. Free-to-play model would most likely save the game and keep it afloat for quite some time with microtransactions etc i’m pretty sure, but iirc they weren’t allowed to move to f2p and license owner just recalled the license forcing devs to close servers and to kill the game. But some enthusiasts put a lot of effort into it and now running a private server of the game that is constantly updated and when i checked had around 500 players playing, which is pretty solid in my opinion, so i kinda want to give it a go for some time, we can even play together or against each other (it’s Realm vs Realm game) if someone wants to try it. According to devs all the copyright stuff should be fine, it is also being streamed on Twitch already sometimes, but doesn’t hurt to ask additionally, which i did today.

But that’s not all, i also asked about Postal 2, since game is pretty controversial and even though it’s not Adult Only rating and not in the list of prohibited games, there is a line in rules that says that game shouldn’t have any content, that is inappropriate, which Postal totally might have and line separating things from appropriate is pretty thin and subjective. If that is allowed to stream, then expect it to happen soonish and that will be a pretty dank meme for sure, if you never played/saw it, you are in for a ride.

For transparency month today is pretty chilll – money spent 0, was gym day off, woke up late, streamed, modded, wrote a letter on Twitch, uploaded new emotes made by ClappingKappa who was enduring lash of the spanking in my Discord following my feedback on his work in super fast mode.

Tomorrow will be a cool day, gonna go grab some dank food after the gym and in general relax without the need to go anywhere (will start my expenses for transparent month too).

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