Weekly Transparent Streamer report

Weekly report gonna be pretty short, since i forgot majority of details from my shopping, only total numbers pretty much. Gonna try to post more “express” reviews with fresh impressions, but yeah, my schedule was completely RIP and i’m now on my 4 hours of sleep, posting before i go to bed to finally do it and then wake up at reasonable times.

Previous expenses i posted were 25$, now lets add stuff that i didn’t mention in my reports:

  • Groceries on Saturday – 35$, bought like 2 or 3 bags of food, so that was pretty worth it, next time i need to do some detailed reports on that.
  • Monday day off chill – 12$ in total, got lunch in vietnamese place, some fancy coffee in one nice chain we have here, bought a couple of chebureki and some lemonade due to the heat we had here.
  • Smol groceries today and McDonalds – 20$, since i slept 4 hours and was tired after gym i really needed some energy charge for streaming, so i went to grab energy drink and some food real quick between stream and gym, also bought some different sausages, 3 bags of different juice, some ice tea, meme korean noodles that are really popular here for food review and couple of Ritter Sport bars.
  • Bought Endless Space 2 with all the DLCs – 10$

So in total after 1 week we have 102$ and that’s a lot for one week considering the budget of 250$ for a month, but that is a pretty decent stock of food though, so i should be fine for some time. Also, all the food is decent stuff, not really denying myself with some treats so it’s possible to reduce the expenses.

Gonna try to switch to more detailed reports right after i spent the money, when it’s all “fresh” and i remember everything better (like today’s groceries), potentially with some photos. Have some photos from my chill Monday to post in food review too. So lots of plans for content, just need to find more time and maintain a decent schedule (4House) and it will be good.

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