Plans for the weekend and today’s Transparent Report

Had a pretty productive and nice day off, everything is good except i’m writing this post at almost 3am, which is not good, gonna still get up early to punish myself for being pepo with going to bed. Now to details…

Was a nice guy today, went to buy some groceries for my grandma, since she’s feeling bad and didn’t want to stay for lunch because then she would try to cook something for me, so i went and grabbed some dank lunch in pizzeria that i will post a food report after, was 10$ so that makes my expenses 112$ so far.

Fixed my old phone in the morning, replacing battery actually helped and it can work just fine now, old one died completely looks like since it didn’t have enough power to launch the phone even when connected to 220v power. Was pretty fun fixing it, did it almost perfectly, when guy on YT who i was checking to be sure fucked up back plate completely, i only have paint derped on the edge in a couple of spots, since you need to kinda cut back plate from the phone since it’s glued to the insides all around and also quite a bit in the middle. Having second device is convenient for many things, so that’s nice that everything works good again.

Dead Cells addiction is controllable, didn’t play off-stream except daily runs for dem blueprints, still suck at it too. Planning to do a chat run on Saturday evening maybe, will be most likely a trainwreck and clown fiesta, but we’ll see. Tomorrow probably gonna be another stream with lots of Dead Cells, but on Saturday i will most likely add more games in rotation, for now “old” ones, not sure which exactly, but pool consists of Endless Space 2, RimWorld and Space Traders. Death’s Gambit is out soon and Dead Cells grind is also nice to get ready for it, git gud with platforming and stuff.

Sunday Game Talk is happening too of course, gonna check new Doom gameplay and other stuff from QuakeCon with chat and browse some games. Don’t forget to get your suggestions for checking so you can post them in special Discord channel or in my chat when i will be browsing.

Eating that pepo korean instaramen that is a meme here on Saturday or Sunday too, more food review material, maybe ordering something during the weekend if we will get some food sponsorship like previous two weekends thanks to GoAkke and Dormuth.

Also, while visiting grandma i visited post office and got the package from gonkb4g with some finnish goodies that i will open on stream Saturday or Sunday. Forgot to ask about PO boxes there, but from what i read it’s really shitty with it here, but there is another way to handle things like this that i might try, will need someone to volunteer to send me a letter or some smol package that way to test if this method works fine.

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