Another Transparent report and plans for the week

Weekend was suddendly a lot busier than i expected, but really productive, so worth in the end. Gonna try to catch up with some blog posts, still need to work more on multitasking and writing posts during reasonable times and not at 3 am.

So for transparent report since previous one we need to add 22$ more, that makes total expenses 134$, not too bad for first half of the month, could be better though, kinda should be tbh, but yeah, i’m also buying some good stuff, so there is a lot of space for decreasing expenses if needed, so we’ll adjust with experience later. Bought some coffee today, different sausage, bacon, some smoked stuff, some cabbage, mostly good food except some soda and bag of crisps with promo price, couldn’t resist.

Plans for the week are pretty simple – Death’s Gambit tomorrow, Graveyard Keeper on Wednesday, that is enough input to know what i’m doing whole week most likely, there is also some Dead Cells that i’m still addicted to, to fill some gaps, so i’m not sure if i’ll get back to RimWorld, ES2 and more Space Traders, but i’ll get back to those as soon as we have some time. For Death’s Gambit i’ll probably remove morning Slay the Spire warm up until i’m done with the game, want to dedicate more time to it, especially since Graveyard Keeper is out next day and i also want to keep up with Ela’s playthrough so i’m not missing a lot of streams due to spoilers and stuff, gonna chill in chat-only mode during his playthough in places i haven’t been myself.

Day off will be Thursday probably (on top of Monday that i had already), on Sunday i might have friends visiting, but it should be in the evening, so i’ll most likely finish my regular stream by that time.

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