Quarantine Diary. Or rather just an update on life stuff

Day 10 of self-imposed partial isolation – life didn’t change a single bit, so no dramatic stuff here. Well, except lack of gym and swimming which gave me more time to stream – blows that cost is quite high, but i’d say it’s quite worth in my book.

Now for the update itself.

Got some of the packages today, but one more package in another store still not updated, should be technically available at like Saturday or something, but not here even on Monday, so will need to go to scare outside world one more time. Buying some kitchen electronics that I was thinking about for a while, but now i got motivated by our currency dipping in shit completely and our economy in general going places.

Seeing more people with sanitizers and masks on, shit’s getting serious here – all elderly and people with health issues are suggested to stay home, many different places are closed, travels are limited, stores are now well restocked though after couple of days of chaos. No one out of my circle are panicking or affected though so far, so all good, i’m pretty fine with everything myself too, just gonna sit home and even if I get something I should be fine, just gonna avoid infecting anyone else.

Airbnb for Twitchcon got refunded fully thankfully, flights right now are in process, shit’s taking time, but it should be all good. Quite bummed about lacking some conventions soon, gonna be quite a long drought without meeting with our bois, but well situation kinda demands sacrifices, just hope we will have a clear idea on what will happen in August where 2 events are planned. Also might go ham in August kinda merging both events together since they will have ~10 days between and there is kinda no point going home for me and spending money on flights and shit, so i’m kinda considering just staying around in Europe maybe, trying to IRL stream from there etc, maybe travel around a bit and all that jazz, not sure yet and will update for sure. A lot of planning depends on situation with traveling due to the virus, can’t really plan ahead and will need to be more spontaneous and reactionary i guess, hopefully budgets will allow me to see all the plans through at least.

Overall main thing right now is the virus and everything is revolving around it, really want spring, nice weather, going for a good workout, being and feeling productive, because main lockdown (as someone who practices lockdown without any reasons, just because I can nerd it out, sometimes, rarely lately thankfully) issue for me is becoming full degenerate – worse sleep schedule, worse food habits, less cleaning, more laziness.

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