Me and Valorant in nearby future

Since some people are asking if I’m going to play or not and in general that question is being asked a lot in different channels, i might as well write a post with my answer, which will be the first part and rest will be just a bunch of my thoughts on what I see around Valorant in Twitch chats nowadays before game is released, sorta rant format that you can skip.

Here we go…

So first of all I’m not gonna play Valorant unless there are more casual modes in the game – I’m absolutely not interested in tryharding ranked or even unranked 5v5 matches with like 15 rounds or something when you need teamplay and interactions through voice chat etc. Never really liked formats like this due to my performance anxiety and because I don’t like voice chatting in general and especially with randoms, rather would prefer to hop in on some private server with 30ppl match or some Deathmatch/Gungame/whatever dumb fun mode game. So currently I’m not really interested in Valorant and MAYBE I won’t even get interested when those modes and all will appear (they probably will eventually, maybe even soon), I probably could try it if I got the key early, to explore it right when it opens for fresh experience, but since I don’t have it I’ll probably just wait and watch others play it a bit to get some first opinion. From what I’ve seen so far I can tell that it looks like something that you want to play and not to watch though, or at least you need to play and get into the game to get hyped up for watching, which is the same for me with pretty much any competitive shooter – I’m just not interested watching it usually.

Now about the stuff in chats – All chats are going full “Val OMEGALUL rant” (take having letter “O” in your game name into consideration all the devs – it’s potential vulnerability on Twitch) as soon as game gets mentioned. Chances to hear anything good about the game are near zero – even when I just brought up amount of people watching the category I just got a bunch of people tagging me telling me that streamers just got paid and that’s why it’s that hyped up, forgetting that there is no #ad in any title (like it is with some games that just sponsor lots of streamers to overwhelm Twitch with numbers, which is not a bad strategy in my eyes though) and that game got a lot of hype and publicity since announcements just because of people behind it and people talking about it. Many streamers just want to get on the hype train, because Riot will be dropping beta access to people watching them (and already was dropping), so a lot of viewers in every Valorant channel – streamers happy, a lot of viewers in game’s category – Riot happy, beta access dropping in streams – viewers happy, so everyone happy and lots of streamers wanting to stream it for free is already obvious even forgetting about promises of next super popular game/e-sports.

Will it be a big e-sports title, big successful game in general or will it flop – too early to say and will be early probably for a few months until game is fully released, then we will see how it works, how Riot handles it and then we can put our 5Heads on and discuss it. I have a feeling that with many games this “premature” hating on it only makes it a lot harder for game to actually be received as good. People already approach it with negative mindset or don’t want to deal with it at all (especially in case of streamers, who rather avoid their chat going full Val OMEGALUL rant mode all day every day). I just think that having more games on the market is good, having more competitive games on the market is extra good, because maybe that way Valve will do more with CS and you can already see that Crossfire on Asian markets started moving more too, in the end everyone wins – no matter which game you like and if you don’t care about the genre/game, then just ignore it and don’t spend your time and energy on hating it, let people get their own opinions on the game and maybe enjoy it, instead of trying to tell them that they are actually not having fun and it’s all an illusion.

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