My current MMO centered nostalgic plans

As I mentioned before, current Ragnarok Online revisit was kinda MMO nostalgia that woke up inside me after some Fallout 76 grind

I already kinda went pretty ham on details with Ragnarok Online (you can read this for my nostalgic history with the game and this to get an idea what the game is about without my nostalgia involved), but let’s talk about plans now regarding RO and something else that fits my MMO centered plans.

Starting with my Ragnarok Online plans – server starts today 6pm CEST, but I’m on my day off and start probably will be a clown fiesta, so wouldn’t hurt jumping on it tomorrow on my regular stream. 9am start, warm up and then it’s grind time, until 4pm, then I’ll go hang out with friends, but after that, on Saturday I might go full degen mode. All weekend probably will be full degen, after that it depends on my levels of hype and nostalgic fuel, so I can’t predict how long I’ll play it and how much will I play it per day. I honestly really want to just feel the grind and completely embrace it, in these shitty corona days that would be perfect to just get lost in some game completely, not thinking about anything else, but we’ll see if I’m capable of doing that nowadays, I hope I am and I hope you guys will enjoy it too.

Server is Transcendence/Zero or in this case they called it Prime mechanic, so it’s new take on old RO, with some changes in every aspect of the game. This mechanic is kinda new hot stuff, because that’s what is quite popular on official Korean servers currently and there is one relatively new official US server + bunch of private ones with similar mechanics. Publisher promises a lot of updates and catching up to official most updated Korean servers fast, so hopefully stuff will work good and potentially will be interesting to everyone to see how it all works, because there is not a lot of info about this mechanic and how some things work there, hope I’ll be able to provide at least a bit of valuable data for those who are looking for servers like this. Another thing is that this publisher also publishes EU official server, so there is a chance that similar server will open later in EU region and we can play it together and be more prepared knowing how some things work.

Obviously there were many MMOs in my life in terms of nostalgia, but I’d say outside of Ragnarok Online that was Top 1, there was only one really important for me – Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Game unfortunately died long ago, BUT there is a resurrected private server that has publisher’s blessing to run non-profit and they even did Twitch drops recently, so it should be fine to stream it, which means I’ll probably do it and you guys can easily join me, since it’s an international server thankfully. I can’t say when exactly I want to play it, but probably right after Ragnarok Online, or maybe even kinda during it, playing both together for some time. I’ll announce more details about it when time comes and will write more about WHO too, so you can get an idea what it is and if you want to try, but in short it’s pretty much opposite to RO and is more of a typical western MMO with Warhammer Fantasy Battles license, BUT it’s PvP centered, you barely do any PvE – you just go and kill people like it’s supposed to be in Warhammer. Getting levels there, getting gears there, everything, so that is actually more interactive and fun kind of farm for stream and for someone to join.

Will there be other MMOs? Nothing I’m really nostalgic about, I’d love to show Royal Quest or Tree of Savior since those are very inspired by RO and I think Royal Quest did their own little Ragnarok really good, but not sure, because MMOs are hard games to just jump in, play for a bit and leave.

I hope I can provide decent experience though, for every viewer and I sure will be always ready to do my best explaining things and interacting with chat, even more than usual in RO, because that sure will be nice during all the grind.

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