Little update on current situation, plans, brewery etc

Only one month since my stream anniversary, all the fundraising and good stuff, feels like it was way longer. That’s a good sign though – means a lot of stuff happening lately and I like it a lot compared to when nothing happens and time just disappears nowhere.

What is currently happening and what’s planned for upcoming month and maybe even longer in full post…

So first of all vaccination is still ongoing and tomorrow is my second shot, so next time you see me on your screen my 5G reception is going to be climbing new heights. For everyone curious first shot of Sputnik went super smooth and I didn’t really feel a thing, maybe very mild fever feeling hot, managed to catch 37.2C on my thermometer maximum, which is almost nothing. Now after 3 weeks it’s time for second dose and then other 3 weeks of developing full power of immune response of my body, then I’m done and well just hope that antibodies are produced and I can feel a bit more secure with our global clown fiesta.

Now during that 3 weeks you are not recommended to drink alcohol to keep your immune system working full power and that’s exactly the reason brewing haven’t started yet. Technically I could brew some in a week or so and by the time my immunity build up is over it already should be fermented and ready, but I’m just taking things one step at a time and being slow with it, especially since I most likely will need to go to big Moscow and hunt for this lidl “just add water” tube for our first session of brewing that will be scuffed and start our way to proper brewing from there and that means traveling, train, metro etc, so gonna go when I’m already fully “secure”. So I’d expect brewing stream number one around like 25th or something, still need to decide on which day and which time brewing will be usually happening too, but probably weekend at least for first streams so more people can be there to see the beginning and where their donations go.

Another thing that I can’t wait to get back to is swimming and working out, last time was in September and now with vaccine I’ll finally return to it. Another year of gym pass already acquired and all I wait for is second shot and then will relax for around 10 days before I’ll go and start to slowly return to my physical activity with chill swimming, since you are also not really recommended to go ham working out for 3 weeks after shot, but I think a bit of swimming will be only better for my body to function.

Current scuffed spring is not making me feel very energized, but at least it is a little bit better now and I’m not completely super sleepy all the time. Feel like it’s kinda a combination of factors and returning to workout should help with that a lot, then more sun and warmth will contribute too. Still kinda feeling like a bit of chill time would be nice, but we’ll see – summer vacation is happening for sure and I dunno if I’ll do anything before that, but again it also depends when summer vacation will take place and that depends on my friends, so that means it’s pretty hard to plan ahead as always. I kinda have a wild idea about just traveling somewhere not far and real quick just to switch things around and refresh the environment, but we’ll see how that will go, hope workout + good weather will be enough and I can just grind until my summer vacation with bois.

Now more about plans for April and a bit after too. First of all main thing is that there are no releases that I’m looking forward to until around middle-second half of May (Deathloop and Biomutant) , so there are no exciting new games really happenning for a while, except for some surprise indie releases. That means backlog diving continues and I totally have nothing against it, so far it’s going great and I’m enjoying it, but no exact plans about next big backlog game. To be honest I can see maybe Oblivion happening, because I really dig Morrowind currently, but no promises, it’s RPGs after all and they require a lot of commitment and time on top of all the time and commitment that I already invested over past few months with all the RPG playthroughs. Cooking streams gonna continue, I should get some stuff delivered tomorrow that hopefully will improve my situation with mic and make it more stable, next I’ll get at least one first cam that I’ll use for zooming on things, see how it works and maybe get a second one, taking things somewhat slow and getting used to regular cooking streams – so far so good, enjoying it a lot and getting them into my routine so I’m comfortable with streaming from my kitchen a lot. Outside of that nothing special about plans, might experiment a bit with schedule here and there, but overall most likely gonna keep everything the way it currently is. Gonna need to finish Valheim though for sure and dunno when that will happen, depends purely on bois, since I’m always ready, so we’ll see when that will happen. Will be doing some smaller games from time to time that developers send me, I started being more responsible with those and giving coverage for them better, which also works good for my “rank” that devs/publishers see, Dorfromantik stream was actually really good and Endzone also was great to stream, so that will give us some games to play during big release drought.

That’s it with updates and plans for now, time to sleep and get rested and ready for another microchip injection tomorrow, will be live regular time, but maybe a little bit late, since I have 1.5 hours between my appointment and stream start in which I need to deal with everything, catch a bus home and start things up.

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