Week of full degen life (and second week of RO too)

Writing this post before I go to bed at 4pm CET or 6pm my time so I can wake up around midnight and start the stream, first stream of tomorrow, because then after a break there will be another one too, regular morning stream. Kinda borderline between degenerate and super boomer schedule I’d say.

What’s up with this schedule and how’s Ragnarok Online going? Let’s find out…

Schedule was a product of my pepega mind after I started grinding Ragnarok Online and got succed into it quite hard. Idea of doing some kind of cozy night stream from time to time was in my head for a while already, but normally it’s not very doable, since I’m working out in the morning, so I need to wake up early and even if I’m not going to the gym/swimming pool, then I still start my regular stream quite early and don’t want to touch that part of my schedule. So then with all the grind one thought crawled into my mind, first feeling absolutely awful, but then slowly starting to make more sense – moving sleep to the part of my day that wouldn’t touch my regular and night stream, which means moving it to the evening time after I’m done streaming and until it’s night stream time. That’s how I live for past week and to be honest it doesn’t feel bad – I’m getting my 7 hours of sleep as before and getting exactly same amount of daylight time awake since it’s already close to winter and not a lot of daylight to catch. Having addictive game like Ragnarok Online carries me through all the hours of being live easily and crazy support from my viewers, enjoying this game make it feel good. Night streams are super cozy, just grinding some items and chatting with viewers, morning streams are great as before, but even better now with more people interested in the game.

Gonna stick to this schedule for a week more almost, then it will be time to switch to normal life due to my friend’s birthday coming next Friday and with current schedule I’m supposed to just sleep through it, which is obviously not a great idea. Kinda starting to feel the tiredness from amount of streams (after all it’s at least 12 hours a day in total from two streams and technically there were no full day offs with all the night streams), so even though this schedule is doable, but amount of streaming can just lead to burn out slowly, so I rather return to my normal schedule. BUT after the cozy experience I’m planning to introduce some occasional night streams that would be most likely only couple of hours, but hopefully providing enough coziness to fall asleep to. Thinking about around midnight-2am during Wednesday to Thursday night and Friday to Saturday night, since Thursday is my day off and no rush in the morning and Saturday I start one hour later so have a little bit more time in the morning. Just an idea for now, we’ll see, won’t be something regular to put on your calendar, but I’ll try to do some, especially Wednesday-Thursday night should be easy, Friday evenings-nights I can be at my friend’s place from time to time.

Overall my Ragnarok Online experience still keeps delivering, now we have our WeirdChamp guild, bunch of people joining us on this server, insane grinding and a lot of hype for EU server. Have to admit I’m still getting super surprised by amount of people tuning in for some RO content, every stream is going great, numbers are rising during both morning and night streams, while I’m just grinding it full neet mode enjoying myself – perfect situation really. Gonna keep playing and streaming it more during last week of degen life, then after that we’ll see, maybe I’ll decrease amounts or switch to something else, maybe excitement will still be strong enough to keep me going, Trizze planning to hop on Tibia again next weekend too, so I guess that will be good time for me to reduce the grind a bit, hopefully getting somewhere until then too (lvl 99 monk tomorrow potentially). But I’ll probably continue with some MMO fiesta, will update soon hopefully, also charity stream is coming, so will update on that one soon too, might even take extra day off after degeneracy is over to catch up with everything a bit – stay tuned!

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