My current Fallout 76 grind and its future

Fallout 76 totally requires a “review” from me here too, but I think one post won’t be enough even with my walls of texts if I will go on a rant about some decisions or if I will start talking about some potentially good things to change or implement in the game.

For now I’ll just address my feelings about current state of the game and me farming it a lot on stream and where is it going (still a lot of text and you can skip a chunk of it for sorta tl;dr).

First of all, which is pretty obvious, I’m having a blast playing F76 for past months since Wastelanders release (it actually was 3 months already, holy shit). Started from mostly playing BR mode, which is actually pretty fun and playing it with full or almost full group of viewers was especially nice, right now I’m pretty much burned out on BR and grind moved to Adventure aka regular mode.

Why is it suddenly so exciting to me? Well obviously it was the novelty of BR mode, it didn’t even really change with Wastelanders much too anyway, but for Adventure mode it was all the new content and things that existed before that got improved by new additions. Thing is, Fallout 76 never was boring or bad game gameplay and content wise, it had a lot of tech issues, a lot of debatable decisions (still have both, but that’s worth a whole separate post), but the core was solid from the very beginning, so it was already fun for me to play before, which I did quite a bit. But I have to say all the new stuff and “new” things that happened between my F76 prime time and modern days improved the experience in a way that resonated with me and refreshed old hype.

Another thing that I kinda mentioned with BR also works with Adventure mode – we have a lot of people playing together, we have people talking about the game and cooperating in Discord channel, we have groups running together, we plan things to do together, we help each other with gear etc. It’s a very nice coop experience for streaming, since it doesn’t need a lot of insane interaction levels, you can just hang out and play the game together without tryharding, while I can just communicate with people through stream (text chat would be still great though, Bethesda pls). That was one of the things to carry F76 experience for me in my previous grind stage and now it’s only better, because we have more people now and more people joining since my channel grew, game is on Steam now, game is even on Game Pass, so we have a lot of new people joining our ranks and it’s only more fun to play with many community members. Which is again a big thing I always mention to people considering getting into Fallout 76 – if you have friends to play together it’s a nobrainer, do it, but again even if not you can hang out with us while I’m streaming and offline too.

So right now my insane F76 grind is pretty much a combination of all the improvements that they did and hanging out with community, amount of content present in the game is crazy and I’m not running out of it any time soon, I don’t even touch huge part of it. BUT I can see the burnout on the horizon, not because of lack of content, but because of other issues that kinda limit the replayability that I again need to dedicate a whole post to later. Playing the game that much it’s not surprising to start feeling the burnout though, so I’m still feeling good about my Fallout 76 adventures, I sure got quite a lot of fun out of it, a lot of content for streaming with community interactions too. Burnout is not here yet though, so more fun, content and community interactions + there is “Battlepass” aka Legendary Run going on, so I’ll still keep grinding to try to get all the rewards this season, which I don’t even care about, but I want to finish very first one just to put a “checkmark” in my book.

To summarize and tl;dr previous part a bit – F76 is fun, playing with viewers is great, there is a lot of shit to do and on top of that there is a battlepass event going that promotes regular grind (and I need to finish reputation grind for some new blueprints that is time gated), so for now it all will continue as it is, maybe with slow decrease in time I stream it, because burnout is slowly approaching I think.

There are also some new content updates coming, that I’m curious about and they will reinvigorate my interest and push the burn out away for a bit I think, so we will see Fallout 76 content for some more time for sure. Battlepass will be over in September, but I’ll probably finish it faster with current grind, so main things I want and will check out are new event, which is new big boss from area nuke + new legendary perks (might be one of those kinda bad things that happen in some updates, judging by people’s reactions on test server) and then new scaling system and more content in September, when battlepass 1 will be over and Season 2 starts.

Of course I am playing other stuff too and will play a bunch of new games that are coming out soon, gonna do a bunch of that this week already, which means variety lives and no full time F76 streaming here. So if you don’t like watching Fallout 76 then don’t worry it will be on decline soon, if you like watching it then it still will be around for a while with some spikes of interest. Can recommend everyone to give the game a go on Microsoft Gamepass and join our adventures, it is actually really easy to catch up in terms of levels and equipment, FD started on Tuesday evening or Wednesday and already was 100+ this weekend. Overall really happy with my experience with the game, all the content I got out of it and ability to play with viewers, hope we will get more of it with future updates too. More posts about Fallout 76 later for sure, still need to talk about issues and some other things.

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