My imqhotbqh on Crucible

First Amazon Games project was out last week and I decided to check it out, since it’s free and even though multiplayer shooters is not something I play a lot, lately I’m grinding Fallout 76 BRs a lot, so I’m currently in the mood for some good multiplayer shooting.

Reviews are currently quite bad for the game like this on Steam and majority of complaints are quite valid, but is it that bad…

It’s not that bad of course and many reviews are just a negative side of game being f2p – people just install it because they can, try it for a couple of matches, don’t like it, leave a negative review and uninstall it. But there is still a lot of valid criticism there and pretty much all of it I can join on.

First of all, I need to mention that I found this game fun, core gameplay was enjoyable and there are a few characters that I enjoyed playing, made me really want to have some 3rd person ability based shooter that is not too tryhard in terms of realism and competitiveness. Played few games on stream and I’m not gonna lie if I didn’t uninstall it maybe I would play it some more, sometimes I’m even thinking about downloading it again just to meme around off stream. So I strongly recommend you to try the game yourself since it’s free to get your own opinion.

Now for the criticism. Disclaimer that I was only interested in Harvester Control 8v8 mode with objective control, I heard 4v4 mode shares a lot of same issues though, but obviously can’t vouch for that, so my “review” is based on that one mode, keep that in mind. So main issue for my taste is the map size – map is huge, for 16 people total that map is way too big and getting from point A to point B can take quite a bit, especially with characters who don’t have good mobility. Other issues amplify the map size issue, like a lot of objectives – there are 5 objectives you need to capture and control on this huge map with 8ppl in one team, but that’s not all, there is also PvE present and bunch of little extra bonus objectives to capture. In the end you have sorta Ubisoft open-world game in miniature – huge map with lots of things to do, but problem here is that team only has 8 people to do all that, so in the end going for full PvP action, teamfights etc is very hard and quite pointless. Some people farm PvE, some people with fast characters just hop between pretty much empty objectives to capture them and majority of PvP is when people catch each other during those activities. Bullet sponginess, lack of control abilities and characters with some very strong movement abilities are also making some encounters into clown fiesta when you chase someone for a while just to meet a whole group. Some characters also have non-hit scan weapons and abilities, which are quite hard to land (heard there was a bug fixed with registering hits) and characters that have weird hitboxes and very fast movement/flying/teleporting aren’t making it all easier.

But in the same time it was still quite fun and I might give it a go again, more I played – better it felt really, so maybe that with some patching and balancing will make it pretty good, at least worst case I’ll just enjoy messing around for fun not going tryhard with objectives and just going for PvP.

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