My imqhotbqh on Drug Dealer Simulator

I’m not completely done with the game and game at the time of writing doesn’t have all the content in yet and bunch of that will be gradually added to the game.

But at this point I think I already can form some sort of opinion on the game even in it’s current state and take in account their progress with updates, so let’s go…

So first of all let’s start with the part about updates and other “technicalities”. First of all game is not in Early Access, so you would assume full release and full content, but it’s not quite there yet, BUT state of content that is already in game is good and they are constantly loading patches to fix issues and add little bits of new stuff + price of the game is pretty low, so it compensates for lack of some things from the trailer. Currently they lack growing of dank kush and part of gameplay involving guns and shooting, but I feel they don’t really need it in this game based on how it currently plays.

Gameplay is pretty grindy and repetitive so keep that in mind, it’s not exactly story based much and you mostly will be doing a lot of deliveries and pick ups while hiding from police and trying to get through blockposts. There is some 5Head part for gameplay with mixing different substances to increase addicting rate, “water down” drug to save money and potentially saving some dumb customers who would go full overdose on it. There is also RPG stat system, apartment renting part to create network of your hideouts, storages and labs, putting equipment and furniture in them, tracking of your reputation, exposure to police attention etc. System is quite deep and plays well if you are interested in the grindy kind of games, a lot of people in my chat said that they thought it’s some meme game on the first glance and from the name, but got surprised that it’s actually decent – which is a good sign.

Overall it’s not a lot else to say about the game, out of two “drug themed” games I played so far this one felt better than Weedcraft (same price range too), even though Weedcraft is supposed to be up my alley being “tycoonish”, but insane clicker ruins it for me, still a good game though, just gets somewhat old after evening or two, while DDS is delivering me for many streams already and there is more content stuff coming.

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