Little useful trick I use for streaming and in general

Useful post that will have mostly practical usage, diary mode with my thoughts and regular content will return soon, I want to get used to writing posts more frequently, but happy with one per week currently already, better than nothing for months for sure.

So let’s get to that trick… Continue reading “Little useful trick I use for streaming and in general”

Me and Valorant in nearby future

Since some people are asking if I’m going to play or not and in general that question is being asked a lot in different channels, i might as well write a post with my answer, which will be the first part and rest will be just a bunch of my thoughts on what I see around Valorant in Twitch chats nowadays before game is released, sorta rant format that you can skip.

Here we go… Continue reading “Me and Valorant in nearby future”

Quarantine Diary. Or rather just an update on life stuff

Day 10 of self-imposed partial isolation – life didn’t change a single bit, so no dramatic stuff here. Well, except lack of gym and swimming which gave me more time to stream – blows that cost is quite high, but i’d say it’s quite worth in my book.

Now for the update itself. Continue reading “Quarantine Diary. Or rather just an update on life stuff”

Smol update on blogging plans

Thank you guys for nice comments on my previous post and mentioning it in chat, was happy reading that! This blog is always just a small side thing basically, that I will probably make into more useful “tool” and medium, but still far from my main “content distribution” way, so didn’t expect anything, but glad I got some feedback.

And I want to keep going with it, posting more stuff from time to time, so what to expect here? Continue reading “Smol update on blogging plans”

Second stream anniversary is getting close

Next week my stream will turn 2 years and it’s quite hard to believe. 4th of March 2018 I pressed “Start Streaming” button on this channel for the first time and you could hear some gachi music and then my shitty untuned mic and now 2 years after it’s still gachi music from time to time and mic is tuned, but still quite shit, providing some ASMR experiences every time I do something.

Now let’s get to more info and plans. Continue reading “Second stream anniversary is getting close”

Results of Omega October with survivalist diet

November is already here for a few days, but i’m still enjoying all the normal food and trash food way too much after October.

Was quite a busy and productive month, survivalist diet was also actually quite nice, but totally not for everyone. Now let’s get to details. Continue reading “Results of Omega October with survivalist diet”

Omega October Marathon

Time for another month of intensive stream grinding, last time it was a lot of fun and i genuinely enjoyed having stable work schedule and routine going.

This time it is more of a marathon, because we already have defined goals for the whole month and some extra spice on top, so let me explain what it is all about. Continue reading “Omega October Marathon”

Omega August report. Summary of August results

It’s time for some transparency, actually coincidentally with my last transparent month report i posted here year ago, pretty much same time.

Still can’t force myself to do some consistent blogging due to lack of time, but i really want to and will do my best, but what’s important is that with streaming i’m consistent af so let’s check some stats. Continue reading “Omega August report. Summary of August results”

Holidays are gone (insert crab emoji). Back to the grind

You thought blog is dead, but it was only sleeping – hecking bamboozling. As you know holidays here start later and last longer than in EU, so only couple of days ago we finally stopped celebrating (there is actually one more LIDL holiday for alcoholics coming soon, but it’s not official day off) and that means it’s time to get back to the path of professional streamer and git gud at it. Continue reading “Holidays are gone (insert crab emoji). Back to the grind”

My imqhotbqh on INSOMNIA: The Ark

I was planning to leave a Steam review (actually first legit one not for achievements and challenges they throw at us during sales etc), but then realized it became pretty detailed wall of text, so i decided to make it into a blog post. I will still leave tl;dr version as a review later though, just to support the game, i really hope it will manage to stabilize in terms of reviews and get some positive exposure, that’s why i also decided it to post it without actually fully completing the game, while it’s still new and people didn’t just put a cross on it. Obviously some things require developers attention to fix too, otherwise probably fat no, but details in full version… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on INSOMNIA: The Ark”