Weekend plans

Professional streamer and blogger with some MLG planning skills is here. Gonna try to plan some stuff ahead and in future will probably stick to posting plans for a week or maybe posts for workdays and weekend, also planning to get a schedule plugin for the website so i can plan things more precisely and way further ahead in time. But for now let’s stick to blog posts.

Streaming times for the weekend: Saturday – long stream, starting afternoon, 12pm, 1200 CET; Sunday – regular stream, starting 11am CET.

Main attraction for this weekend is Outlast playthrough that i promised to do after reaching 1000 followers and 100 subs, we got past these numbers quite a bit of time ago and even way past it with insane momentum thanks to your amazing support. Couldn’t really plan things on previous weekends, but this weekend it’s finally happening, time to see how i will react to horror games, because i have no idea myself, especially in front of audience, so i’m genuinely curious, normally i’m not even interested in these games. So that is happening tomorrow (today already), Saturday 14th, at around 7pm CET, apparently playthrough should take around 4 hours, so i’ll make it 5 and won’t stop till i’m done, if i’m done too fast, then we’ll play some smol games.

Sunday will be another “episode” of our weekly game browsing show, where you guys can chill with me checking new releases, announcements and sales. Prepare your links to some dank games so we can check them together. Cozy stream with some quiet background music and lots of chat interaction, can’t say anything specific about upcoming “episode”, because it is always mostly impromptu, not scripted, so you will have to see for yourself and it’s happening Sunday 15th, around 1pm CET (still need to figure perfect time for it, so it’s not precise and might change week to week).

Now about the games for this weekend. First of all, i’m planning to finish Heroes of Cozy and Clam 3 or well, Restoration of Erathia, which is vanilla without expansions and we are on last mission in last campaign, so shouldn’t take long. Mission is pretty hard and i restarted it once already, also derped once after restart so i needed to load a savefile from quite a bit of time back, but i played on this savefile off-stream a bit to get to the point where i “stopped” and a little further (you know how hard it is for me to stop playing HoMM), so i think it should be a lot smoother from now on. Dawn of War 2 and Gladius (new WH40k Civ-like game i started on Friday stream) are next in priority, probably will be more Gladius on Saturday, but on Sunday i might get back to Dawn of War for more progress at least with the main game and potentially starting some DLCs later. Usual Slay the Spire will be somewhere around for morning warm up, tradition of sorts.

That is all for weekend plans for now, gonna try to keep up posting more stuff on this blog, except maybe tomorrow, since long stream and i will have less free time. Transparency Month of Professional Streaming should start on Monday, i’ll post more about it later, so expect that too after weekend is over. With blog running i’ll be posting lots of ideas and plans to use it as my diary of sorts, but being public and transparent about it should also increase my productivity with making all these ideas reality, so that will mean we’ll get a lot of good content that you can also affect with giving me feedback and helping with ideas here or in my Discord.

Stay cozy, gonna get some sleep and it’s time for the grind to continue.

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