My Outlast experience and horror thoughts

So my first horror game speshul stream and actually first horror game ever i think (i don’t count some experiences from early 90s, i think it was Alone in the Dark and it was english version so i didn’t understand anything, so it was pretty much 0 experience) is over and i decided to post some impressions while it’s still fresh. Continue reading “My Outlast experience and horror thoughts”

Weekend plans

Professional streamer and blogger with some MLG planning skills is here. Gonna try to plan some stuff ahead and in future will probably stick to posting plans for a week or maybe posts for workdays and weekend, also planning to get a schedule plugin for the website so i can plan things more precisely and way further ahead in time. But for now let’s stick to blog posts. Continue reading “Weekend plans”

Privet, Mir!

Ruski “Hello, World!” to everyone!

Website is finally somewhat alive in a very LIDL form. Slowly gonna update and change it to make it more “professional”, but i guess that’s not too LIDL so we are good to go. Will fill it with content and post stuff here with current design and functionality, more than enough for that purpose.

What types of content? I’ll write about it in details soon, this post is just a sign that blog is alive, writing it at almost 4am local time, because promised to set it up ASAP and had some other things to do, but i like to fulfill my promises so here we are.

Actually have lots of ideas for posts, since blogging isn’t new for me and copywriting for websites in general due to my previous self-employment “job”, used to do it in russian though, so still pretty new for me. Only issue is finding time to do it, but i’ll do my best to deliver my walls of text.