Labour Day, more like Labour Month

1st of May aka Labour Day was always one of the most important holidays here during soviet time, due to ideological meaning mostly of course, but they still kept it after the fall, just renamed a bit and now it’s more “casual”, was quite surprised to find out that it is celebrated in other countries too.

Perfect to put a little bit of labour in I’d say for 1st of May and rest of the month too while at it, making it into sort of marathon, more details and plans in full post… Continue reading “Labour Day, more like Labour Month”

My take on priority queue situation for streamers in PoE

Now that I posted my opinion about special treatment for streamers in general it’s time to analyze the situation that caused all the uproar recently and apply my vision to it.

My general vision was in previous post, now it’s more about one particular situation… Continue reading “My take on priority queue situation for streamers in PoE”

My take on streamers getting priority, early access and other benefits

In case you aren’t playing Path of Exile and don’t watch streamers related to it, even though that “drama” went quite far from game’s usual circle for a day or two, I’ll give a very quick tl;dr – launch of new league was a disaster with people getting disconnected and with big queues while streamers got provided priority login by devs skipping queue, which of course made people mad. I’ll post about this particular case separately soon, this one is already massive.

This situation in general is not really new, but it didn’t get any rallying point before for masses to gather and create enough noise around the problem. But now we got it verbalized and it’s perfect time to think about it and discuss it, which we already did on stream before and during current events, so time to write down my current opinion. Continue reading “My take on streamers getting priority, early access and other benefits”

Twitch Meta. Intro post and some of my vision

Meta is a pretty popular term nowadays in our gaming circles, coming from competitive games and used in many other departments now. In short Meta in gaming stands for state of things in some environment that becomes most popular or even default. Can use it anywhere, but gaming is the easiest example – some character or composition of characters becomes popular being most effective/versatile and you can expect to see them very frequently in your games. Could call it trends or something, but considering our mostly gaming background I think it’s just easier to use meta for everyone to understand what was meant.

This is just my vision and might be series of posts that probably won’t even be “finite” since Meta changes, there are new things that develop their own Meta and then things also tend to evolve sometimes not discretely, but you can see that slow wind of change that you can also try to analyze and predict where things are going. Continue reading “Twitch Meta. Intro post and some of my vision”

Little update on current situation, plans, brewery etc

Only one month since my stream anniversary, all the fundraising and good stuff, feels like it was way longer. That’s a good sign though – means a lot of stuff happening lately and I like it a lot compared to when nothing happens and time just disappears nowhere.

What is currently happening and what’s planned for upcoming month and maybe even longer in full post… Continue reading “Little update on current situation, plans, brewery etc”

My imqhotbqh on The Technomancer

Finished a lot of RPGs quite close to each other, so reviews got a bit spread out in time due to my day offs (should write couple of posts yesterday and day before on my day offs too, but completely derped). Like with Gothic 2 this review will be somewhat connected with previous game review that I wrote earlier.

Let’s see what Spiders made this time… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on The Technomancer”

My imqhotbqh on Gothic 2

A little delayed, since I finished the game last week, but didn’t get a day off to sit down and write stuff properly. Should start doing some writing on my regular days too and be less lazy, but that’s the hard part, especially with current season and weather changes – feeling sleepy all the time and in a weird unmotivated mindset.

Main thing about this review is that pretty much everything from first game review is valid for this one too with some minor differences that are mostly in positive direction, but let’s get to details (version with Night of the Raven expansion btw)… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Gothic 2”

My imqhotbqh on Mars: War Logs

A little bit delayed, but better late than never. Spiders RPGs started for me with their latest one – Greedfall and it was actually pretty good (unfortunately didn’t write a review back then). Now I got to one of their earlier games and playing through dilogy of their Mars games, currently finishing The Technomancer and that review is probably coming next day off next week.

But for now it’s about Mars: War Logs, so let’s get to it… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Mars: War Logs”

Pepega Brewery funded! Appreciation and plans post

Anniversary stream was amazing, thank you everyone for tuning in, best speshul stream so far, even though New Years one would be pretty close to it. I guess kitchen streams with beer work really good in the end for both me and my viewers. All 3 years I had amazing support of my growing community and I’m happy with where it got me, thank you so much!

And now, thanks to everyone’s investments during the stream we raised planned amount to make kitchen + beer formula on whole other level, because now I will be able to not just drink beer there, but also brew beer. Let’s get to planning finances and content… Continue reading “Pepega Brewery funded! Appreciation and plans post”

Third anniversary of my stream coming soon

It’s been almost 3 years since I pressed “Start Streaming” button in my OBS for the first time (if we don’t count my lidl Hearthstone beta russian streams for a couple of days years ago).

3rd of March will be my stream to celebrate it a bit and for you guys to decide what’s planned for 4th year. More in full post… Continue reading “Third anniversary of my stream coming soon”