Dungeon Bookshelf vol.2: Hard to Be a God

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, time for another episode of my little scuffed book reviews. Strugatsky brothers again, there will probably around 10 more reviews (if not more) until I’m kinda done with everything I want to read out of their books and I have full collection, so might as well binge that, but we’ll see. In any case I’m currently at 7 books finished and you only had one review, so yeah.

A bit different kind of sci-fi in today’s book, it overlaps with medieval world in a very interesting setting that in my opinion could fit some good videogame (there was one actually, but not very good, might actually be good Eurojank RPG material for my stream later). Let’s go… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.2: Hard to Be a God”

Dungeon Bookshelf vol.1: Roadside Picnic

Time for first scuffed book review post that I planned after all the reading during my vacation. Five books from Strugatsky brothers were consumed during calm days when I was alone at the summer house between my friends and relatives arrivals.

Strugatsky brothers are Russian sci-fi authors and aren’t super huge worldwide, but main thing that puts them on the big picture is “Roadside Picnic” book that was an inspiration to “Stalker” movie by Tarkovsky and then both inspired Stalker the videogame that we all know and sequel to which is a very big thing currently. Great sci-fi writers and totally worth reading even just for Roadside Picnic especially if you are a Stalker fan, you sure will see a lot of familiar things and even words (at least Russian book and game uses a lot of same slang), Ela already read it btw, haven’t heard his opinion yet though. But enough intro, let’s start… Continue reading “Dungeon Bookshelf vol.1: Roadside Picnic”

Post vacation report. Summer 2021

Yo, very delayed, but didn’t have any day offs since I returned and getting back in my work mode with some clown fiestas on the background is a bit chaotic still.

Great vacation, very “variety” vacation this year, satisfied with everything except for weather, next years if I plan summer house action it would be better to do it few weeks earlier to catch warmer days for more activities outside. Already did my “recap” stream, but gonna go a bit into detail in this post too, little diary in a way… Continue reading “Post vacation report. Summer 2021”

Vacation post for summer 2021

Last year I wrote a pretty big post for my vacation (you can read it here) where I went quite philosophical and explained a lot of things about streamers and vacations, everything I said there is still relevant, so not gonna go too deep in that this time.

Another year of no conventions and another opportunity to hang out with friends having their vacations etc, so time for me to get some rest this year. Will be out from tomorrow (14.08) until 30.08 Monday, basically barely gonna be in the city and at the PC this time, want to disconnect myself more from distractions and change environment as much as possible. Gonna post photos on Insta though and maybe film some YT material for the future, but we’ll see about that. That’s the tl;dr version basically and I’ll see you when I’m back, gonna be a lot of things happening in autumn, but a bit more vacation details in full post… Continue reading “Vacation post for summer 2021”

MMO addict trying to resist and actually post on blog. Plans update/report

Damn, it’s been a while since I wrote on blog, 1.5 months. Clearly power of Ragnarok Online was underestimated (imagine if they had longer break since Russian server or started with this one, oof) and only now I’m starting to somewhat get back to more productivity, just to get pushed back by upcoming new MMOs.

But while this moment of concentrated willpower lasts I’ll update on what happened (especially stuff from my Summer Fest Post) and what’s gonna happen now. Talking about it on stream quite regularly, but still worth having it on paper for everyone to check any moment… Continue reading “MMO addict trying to resist and actually post on blog. Plans update/report”

My imqhotbqh on Necromunda: Hired Gun

Long time no reviews, finished some games that I still need to review from the past, like still no Morrowind review, smh. Will be trying to make them more composed, maybe following some structure to make it easier to write and navigate, also faster and hopefully less triggering for my perfectionism.

Warhammer, especially 40k has pretty complicated relationships with videogames, big hit or miss usually and genres are not very diverse, but today we got something relatively unique for WH lately, let’s see if it’s a hit or a miss… Continue reading “My imqhotbqh on Necromunda: Hired Gun”

Summer Nerdy Fest. Plans for next few months

It’s this time of the year, rare time when it’s actually warm, sunny and nice (sometimes) here in Russia. Time for BBQ with friends, summer houses, spending time outside, eating some fresh fruit instead of wooden imported overpriced replicas.

All that implies more days off for me as you already probably guessed and I’d say even more – whole vacation, just like last year. So in this trade offer I receive better rest, mood and mental, while you will receive some nice content from rested and motivated me. But more about it in details… Continue reading “Summer Nerdy Fest. Plans for next few months”

First batch of beer financial calculations

Since Pepega Brewery is running on fundraiser basically and you guys are main investors technically, it makes sense to post a financial report about its work, not gonna implement any lootboxes or microtransactions to increase profits btw, making it clear straight up.

But seriously many were interested in costs of making your own beer, so this will be a useful post, even though obviously prices are russian, but many things are imported, so it should be somewhat similar and will help you to plan what you need to buy in general. Let’s go… Continue reading “First batch of beer financial calculations”

Labour Day, more like Labour Month

1st of May aka Labour Day was always one of the most important holidays here during soviet time, due to ideological meaning mostly of course, but they still kept it after the fall, just renamed a bit and now it’s more “casual”, was quite surprised to find out that it is celebrated in other countries too.

Perfect to put a little bit of labour in I’d say for 1st of May and rest of the month too while at it, making it into sort of marathon, more details and plans in full post… Continue reading “Labour Day, more like Labour Month”

My take on priority queue situation for streamers in PoE

Now that I posted my opinion about special treatment for streamers in general it’s time to analyze the situation that caused all the uproar recently and apply my vision to it.

My general vision was in previous post, now it’s more about one particular situation… Continue reading “My take on priority queue situation for streamers in PoE”